Monday , August 15 2022

Umandiagnostics ’new product is revolutionizing research


Umandiagnostics has developed a new type of product that facilitates the detection of neurological diseases; the product will be sold all over the world.

Quanterix’s subsidiary, Umandiagnostics AB, was founded in 2006 and from the beginning has worked with the Neurofilament Light, NFL protein and nerve damage marker, which is found in nerve cells. If nerves are damaged by neurological disease or trauma, the NFL escapes into the environment around the cells.

The new product, called NF-light Elisa serum, is a nerve marker that measures the amount of NFL protein that has been filtered out and can therefore indicate the damage it has.

It can be used in research

“It can be easily used for research on neurological diseases worldwide. It feels very exciting, because the product is clearly revolutionary, ”he says Niklas Norgren, Vice President, CEO and co-founder of UmanDiagnostics in a press release.

He says that when looking for neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease or ALS, a sample of the spinal cord should be taken from the patient, but with the Umandiagnostics product it is enough to take a simple blood sample. .

It can only be used in research

The product, which was launched on October 12, is so far a product for the exclusive use of research, that is, a product that can only be used in research. Because the product cannot yet be used to diagnose patients, it will be used for research purposes in hospitals, universities, or pharmaceutical companies.

Niklas Norgren says that since the product makes sampling and analysis much more accessible to researchers, they believe the market is huge.

They are in charge of sales

In the European market, Umandiagnostics will manage sales of the product and, in the US market, will be sold by the parent company Quanterix, which acquired Umandiagnostics in 2019.

“It feels very exciting. We are investing in a global launch and we believe that the product in the long run has great potential to be able to guide the treatment of people suffering from, for example, MS, ALS and the disease of Alzheimer’s, ”Niklas Norgren says in the press release.

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