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You risk the risk of taxes


The Voi electric scooter company may have loaded a VAT too low.

The Swedish electric scooter company Voi risks a tax claim as it has chosen a wrong type of VAT for its electric cars in Stockholm. Write Di Digital.

The company has applied a 6 percent VAT tax instead of 25 percent, which is applied when renting buses and other vehicles.

The VAT index of 6% is allowed when the transport of passengers is managed by another person rather than renting any means of transport, explains the legal expert of the Tax Agency Kerstin Alvesson. Therefore, it considers that the company should record more.

You, Voi, have asked the Swedish Tax Agency for a preliminary decision on which VAT is applied.

"We are waiting for a decision in the Skatterättsnämnden and then we will know how to proceed. Of course, we have prepared a larger VAT type than what we think is currently owned by us. For us, it will not be a fiscal trap, but only a guide on how we will impose our customers in the future, "writes press officer Kristina Nilsson.

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