Saturday , October 1 2022

Zlatan heavily criticized the prize after the Nobel Prize


Zlatan Ibrahimovic dominated Swedish football for just over ten years and during the 2016 football season, the eleventh time in his career (for the tenth year in a row), he took the golden ball.

But last year, the apartment was broken.

Team captain Andreas Grankvist led Blogult to the World Cup finals and raised the trophy for the first time. Something that Zlatan Ibrahimovic loses hard.

In an interview with Viasat, a 37-year-old says what she thinks about the fact that Grankvist sniffed him on a golden ball last year.

– Nothing personal. Everything is related to motivation, why he won it. That is the motivation I am following, and not my personal opinion. The one who qualified for the European League, the other won the European League. What's the weight of your eyes? ", Says Ibrahimovic.

Goldman on the Golden Ball: "What's the answer?"

The Los Angeles star points out that if it were a condition that the winner of the golden ball must play in the national team, he would "be silent".

"But it does not matter to me. I always say that the best is always winning.

He also told him that he was contacted for the golden ball.

– I have an answer. They listened to me and said they wanted a new face for the golden ball. What's the answer? Should not you win for a new face? Probably the one that's the best during the year.

Now she hopes to return the award this year.

– I'm a little disappointed to be alone. I'm not happy, I want more. That's what they want more.

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