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▷ New BAG recommendation regarding vaccination with non-avalanche HPV vaccine



Lucerne (ots) – The Federal Public Health Institute (FOPH) now recommends another vaccine for the prevention of HPV-related diseases. It will be available in vaccination programs at the beginning of 2019.

The Federal Public Health Institute (FOPH) now recommends another vaccine for the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. A non-invasive HPV vaccine provides another option for the prevention of HPV-related diseases, such as cervical cancer, vaginal carcinoma and vulvar cancer.1

The high burden of HPV-related diseases in men and women

Human papillomavirus (HPV) infections are among the most common sexually transmitted infections. Contraction may be due to contact with an infected mucous membrane or during sexual intercourse. Most infections are treated without any consequences. However, certain types of HPV can lead to various types of cancer, such as cervix, anal, oral, pharyngeal, and penile penis.2 In Switzerland, about 250 women develop cervical cancer a year, and about 5,000 women develop a precursor for cervical cancer uterus. HPV cases of anal cancer diagnoses annually in about 160 women and men.3,4

Inoculation with a non-alaline medicine can prevent multiple HPV-related diseases

Prevention of HPV infection can provide a vaccine. Since 2007, HPV vaccines have been recommended by FOPH; at the beginning only for girls and women, from 2016, for boys and men aged 11 to 26 years.2

HPV vaccines available to date can protect against 2 or 4 types of HPV, making up about 70% of cervical cancer and about 50% of cervical cancer precursors. An irreplaceable HPV vaccine contains components of 9 HPV types. They cause about 90% of cervical cancer and about 80% of all cases of cervical cancer precursors.5,6 Thanks to the use of a non-valid HPV vaccine, it is possible to prevent a higher percentage of HPV-related illnesses in the future than before. 2

Recommendations for vaccination with a non-valid HPV vaccine are published in Bulletin 43 of the BAG and are available on the following line: http: //

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