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20 minutes – So low payers suffer from a bonus


Health insurance premiums will increase relatively relatively in the coming year. But joy is limited, as the Federal Public Health Institute (FOPH) estimates show that premiums have been eating in recent years, an increasing share of income earners with low income – even if this premium is reduced. Tell the readers of 20 minutes how much the financial burden of low earners is:


Are you switching to cheaper health insurance?

Health Minister Alain Berset estimates an increase in average premiums by an average of 1.2 percent as a sign of good work by the Federal Council and Parliament over the past few years. But as the costs continue to grow, Berset says additional efforts are needed. Berset promised: "In the coming months, we will introduce additional measures to reduce the cost of retention." The SP will decide in December whether to launch a popular initiative that would allow only 10 percent of revenues to go into health insurance premiums. The CVP launched this initiative this autumn, which calls for an increase in health care costs if premiums increase faster than wages.

«Life Spends Sufficiently»

Name: Dominikue (29):

income: 2800 francs

premium: 400 francs

cheaper: 67 francs

"With a high premium at the end of the month, I do not have a lot of wages, so I work on weekends." Result: constant fatigue and stress. In fact, life in Switzerland is already sufficient. "

"I rarely go to the doctor to avoid the cost"

Name: Beatrice (45)

income: 4800 francs

premium: 680 francs

premium reduction 0 francs

I'm a single parent and I have two children. For all I pay 680 francs a month. I am general and not insane. Only a deduction of 2,500 francs takes care of me. So I rarely go to the doctor to prevent costs. I just can not afford a deduction. In the end, I still have 1400 francs a month left for food, clothing and cars.

«Insurance does not help»

Name: Mark (27)

income: 4500 francs

premium: 800 francs

cheaper: 0 francs

"We are paying premium premiums for my wife, my four-year-old daughter and myself. The insurance never brought me anything. I have a franchise of 2,500 francs a year and I always had to pay everything."

«We saved water»

Name: Verner (68)

income: 3200 francs

premium: 800 francs

cheaper: 0 francs

"My wife and I are retired and share our income. It's crazy that we need to give 25 percent of health insurance." We try to save electricity and water. We do not have a discount because we have a house. "

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