Wednesday , September 28 2022

20 minutes – The head of the aerodrome in Bern is throwing a towel


Mathias Gantenbein was at the helm of Bern-Belp Airport for three years. He now leaves Flughafen Bern AG at his request, as the company announced on Friday. Ad Temporary, Deputy Director Martin Leibundgut takes over the management. The company started searching for a successor.

Bern's regional airport recently faced the loss of SkiVork, which had its harbor in Belpmoos. The company was bankrupt.

There is no simple mortar

The fact that the regional airport is not a simple patch for annual regular flights, has experienced other airlines before Skivork. In 1992, Air Engiadina began its work. Neither the change of the name to the Swisswings nor the cooperation with the Dutch airline KLM could save the airline in Berns, in 2002 they had to publish bankruptcy.

An important return to the airport in Bern meant the withdrawal of Switzerland from Belp: in 2003, the airline broke off its ties with the capital's airport. Short "guest appearances" were given by airline companies InterSki, Cirrus, Air Alps and Darwin Airline. More than ever, it is questionable whether the airline from Berne can survive on summer regular flights.

Ghost airport in Bern

SkiVork has provided nearly 60 percent of all flights at the main airport. After the Skivork season, Flughafen Bern AG had to reduce ten of the 86 jobs and put the expansion project on ice. The regional airport also serves small and business aviation, rescue planes and federal companies. Currently, the airport is reminiscent of a somewhat extinct airport.

The ISS company, which changes Gantenbein, is active in maintaining the building.

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