Friday , August 12 2022

20 minutes – «Treaty as a criminal in Europe-Park»


Hundreds of Swiss traded an ad last year because they were captured with CBD hemp at the park from Europe to Rust (D). Unlike Switzerland, this is illegal in Germany. Like many others, Bülach's Kevin Neff (26) was not aware of this fact: "Sometimes I smoke the CBD – as a stimulant. If I had known the ban, I would certainly not have taken it to the park. "Last summer, he had about two grams of CBD in his pocket when he was arrested for park security at the entrance.

"The controls were rigorous," he says. The security had sacked bags and backpacks for almost all visitors. "The" security guys "could not believe their luck when they found what they wanted," he told them it was a harmless CBD. The park guards had played it and they resumed it hard. "I showed myself before the tail of waiting and treated as a criminal." After collecting the hemp flowers and delivering their personal data, Neff was allowed in the park.

«No bus was received»

A spokesman for the head of police in Freiburg told me: "Aargauer Zeitung": Anyone caught in Germany with hemp CBD should wait for an ad, even with small amounts. "It is a violation of the Narcotics Law."

Kevin Neff came out without a scot; he was not rewarded. Two weeks later he received a letter from the prosecutor Freiburg of Brisgau. "He said there was no criminal trial. Apparently, the authorities have noticed that it is a bit," said Neff. It is unclear whether it is common practice among the Swiss who find themselves in the CBD trap, or if the buses are pronounced. The prosecutor's office in Freiburg was not available for comment on Friday.

Change of situation and legal management

Europa-Park defends control practice at the entrance. For the security of the visitors the majority of the pockets of the guests would be looked for, the service of security would work according to the norm. Except CBD hemp supply against narcotics

The law, the decease, would communicate to the police. "If the guest is cooperative, but is released after a few minutes in the park," spokesman Daniel Westermann said.

One reason for the strict procedure in Europa-Park is that in Germany the legal situation of the CBD has changed over and over again in recent months – or is interpreted regionally differently. Basically, CBD products with a THC content of less than 0.2 percent are allowed. The cannabis plant, however, is considered an anesthetic. At the national level there are hundreds of stores that sell CBD products. On Thursday, a major police raid in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg closed several CBD stores. According to the "Süddeutsche Zeitung", but, in the future, it also sold illegal drugs.

Not everywhere, CBD smokers from abroad are as simple as Kevin Neff. When the legislation is applied, you can see it in the photo gallery.


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