Sunday , October 17 2021

20 minutes: US millionaire buys the most expensive car in EE. UU

An apartment in a New York skyscraper, which is about to end, has been sold for 238 million dollars to founder and chairman of the Citadel Investment Group hedging company, Ken Griffin, according to various American media , which makes it the most expensive house in the United States city.


How much do you pay for your apartment?

It is said that the property has more than 2000 square meters and is located on the upper floors of the building, on the banks of Central Park. According to the magazine "Forbes", the businessman can expect more than 16 rooms, 17 bathrooms, five balconies and a terrace overlooking Central Park.

Previous record broken

This house purchase extends the previous record of the most expensive apartment in the history of New York: in 2014, Michael Dell acquired an apartment at # 57 building near 57th Street for $ 100.5 million.

Ken Griffin has been the CEO of the Citadel investment company since its inception in 1990. His fortune is estimated by Forbes at $ 9.9 billion. For several months, he has been involved in a wave of luxury real estate purchases, including a gigantic residence in London, adjacent to the St. James, who bought for £ 95 million.

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