Friday , August 19 2022

Aargauer's innovation park has been postponed for years


From 2016, Switzerland intends to attract start-up companies from around the world to its innovative parks. They will conduct research in five locations and bring products to maturity of the market.

In Zurich, the plan lags behind in Aargau, a project called "Innovaire" has been postponed for years. This is reported by "SRF Regional Journal". The reason: there is no money in the project of 160 million francs. This is confirmed by Innovaare AG operator.

Since the construction is planned and the company's first commitments have already been taken, the responsible persons must now take action: at a container in Villingen, next to the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), a containerized village is planned.

"PSI is currently offering us the space we can handle," explains Benno Rechsteiner, director of Innovaare AG, a regional magazine SRF.

Areas in the PSI are currently too small. "We are currently planning a container village," says Rechsteiner.

Consequently, the construction of 160 million francs will not be ready to move, as planned, because funding must first be provided. It should therefore last at least three and a half years until the first tenants can move to a camp at Innovaare. A settlement of 600 to 700 jobs is planned.

In the end, at the end of 2017, the development plan was approved and in the spring of 2018 it is also a construction application.

Further innovative parks will be the Zurich Park in Dubendorf near ETH Zurich, the Park NetWork West in Lausanne in the EPFL environment, the Basel Area Park in Allschvil (Baselland) and the Biel / Bienne Park. (Mag)

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