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Alekander Zverev: The world of our champion in tennis


"He proved he is the best of the new generation. The star has arrived." The legend of tennis Boris Becker (50) enriched our new world champion Alexander Zverev (21) in the BBC!

Twenty-three years after Beck, the German again won the title in the ATP finals. Zverev (nickname "Saša") belongs to the tennis elite after 6: 4, 6: 3 against Novak Đoković (31)!

Zverev: "It's incredible for me. It means so to me and it makes me so proud!"

BILD explains the world of our world champion.

His father!

Alexander Zverev, the elderly (58), came with his wife Irina (51) in 1991 from Sochi / Russia to Germany. When Aleksander junior was born in Hamburg in 1997, the tennis couple plans a great career for his son – with a manager, a physiotherapist, a media consultant and a fitness trainer. My dad made a belly trainer: "If he plays well, you try to make him even better."

His brother, Mischa, (31) used to be a tennis pro for a while, but he did not make a big break.

Aleksandar started with 16 as a professional. He knows what the Pope owes him: "He taught me how to play tennis. My dad deserves the highest recognition."

His puddle!

One of the closest friends of Zver is a dog. Hunter (3) traces him almost every game, and he is a star. He has already got his tickets, and from the TV station "Tennis TV" said: "Lovik Zverev – family dog". He was on the field at the award ceremony.

One Zverev (no friends known): "I can not ask for a better dog!" After winning the tournament in Washington in August, he thanked Lovik next to his parents: "He is an important part of our lives."

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Photo: Clive Brunskill / Getti Images

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Dog Hunter is always therePhoto: Clive Brunskill / Getti Images

His behavior!

His behavior is often arrogant. At his Wimbledon (3rd round) this summer, he pulled a line player and shouted to the referee: "He just wants to be important once on a big square on Wimbledon. That's what it's about." Later, Zverev mumbled, "It does not matter what he said. He's just a lineman."

And he said goodbye to protzzzzzzzzzzzzzz: "I'm on a ship in Monte Carlo. You will not see me anymore …"

In 2016, Montpellier insulted the judge: "Fucking moron." Moron is English for "git".

His style!

The beast is in the pursuit! Women online dating portal recently voted for the Germans of the earliest players in the ATP finals.

Curious: Beast always wears golden chains while playing. For him, they have a special meaning – which he does not want to betray.

On his wrist, he watched a 119,000-euro watch. Zerev must bear the sponsorship agreement.

His career!

By the title of the world Zverev climbs to the world ranking list number four. His life goal: PLACE 1.

Legend of tennis Ivan Lendl, 58, was brought into the team to improve the service and mental strength – with success.

Zverev: "It was the best season of my career and I hope that next year will change." On the way to # 1.

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