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Analytical tips: updates to LANKSESS, Hochtief, Evonik, Brenntag and SLM Solutions | message

NordLB raises Lankess to buy – the target is up to 62 euros

HANNOVER – NordLB has upgraded LANXESS from "holding" to "buying," but it has reduced the price from 74 to 62 euros in the light of the general stock market situation. In spite of a good increase in the third quarter, the chemical company continued to go on the road and should reach its target earnings for the entire year of 2018, even with rising winds, said analyst Thorsten Strauss in a study released on Monday. In the context of successful business, the fall in prices over the past three months has been exaggerated.

Independently Raise Hohtiov to "buy" – lowers the target to 159 euros

FRANKFURT – Independent research analysts have upgraded HOCHTIEF from holding for buying after a recent drop, but have lowered the price from € 160 to € 159. The construction company remains on the right track, analyst Sven Diermeier wrote in a study available on Monday with respect to ordinary quarterly results.

DZ banka raised Eonik to "purchase" – a fair value of 33 euros

FRANKFURT – DZ Bank upgraded Evonik's shares from "holding" to "buying" according to quarterly figures and left its fair value to 33 euros. In a challenging economic and industrial environment, the group's special chemicals portfolio proved to be very resilient, according to analyst Peter Spengler in a study available on Monday. He thinks the actions are underestimated.

Metzler drops Brenntag at Sell and ends at 40 euros

FRANKFURT – Metzler estimated Brenntaga of "buying" to "sell" and lower the price from 61 to 40 euros. The economic slowdown could completely slow down the expected wage growth in the worst-case scenario in the next year, analyst Alexander Neuberger wrote in a study available on Monday. Therefore, it is unlikely that a discount on the trader's paper will catch up with chemicals.

Fraport's main pick-ups on & # 39; neutral & # 39; – Reduces the target to 72 euros

FRANKFURT – Mostly improved fraport from "Underperform" to "Neutral". Analyst Johannes Braun sees in a study that is available on Monday, but is currently difficult to have any driver prices and has reduced the price of its target from 75 to 72 euros. After the slides during the year, so far, the bottom was found and from the point of view of the assessment was an appropriate neutral assessment, especially since the trends in the retail sector of the airport operator are stabilizing.

Hauck & Aufhauser reduces sales of SLMs and is EUR 7.50

HAMBURG – Private Bank Hauck & Aufhauser rated SLM Solutions from "buying" to "sale" and lowered the price from 33.00 to 7.50 euros. After a recent profit warning, the announced departure of the chief financial officer and vacant executive position has jeopardized the long-term goals and strategy of the 3D printers manufacturer of serious changes, wrote analyst Carlos Beck in a study available on Monday. He has downgraded his estimates for the current and next years – and he sees even a recent drop in further potential difficulties.

Baader Bank Raises CTS Eventim on & # 39; bui & # 39; goal 40 euros

MUNICH – Baader Bank outperformed CTS Eventim from Hold to Bui after recent poor performances, but reduced the price from 44 to 40 euros. The ticket vendor and concert promoter should show strong numbers for the third quarter and give positive indication for the end of the year, analyst Volker Bosse wrote in a study available on Monday. He has reduced his estimates because he is likely to spend a margin at that time. Potential resulting from a new price target is now sufficient for a buying recommendation.

Credit Suisse Reduces Target for General Electric – "Neutral"

ZURICH – Switzerland's Credit Suisse has lowered targeted target of General Electric from 12 to 10 US dollars, but has left the rating at a "neutral" level. The business model was not unsuccessful, according to a study available on Monday. However, in the beginning, he sees many problems for the American group.

JPMorgan cuts Apple's target to $ 266 – "Overweight"

NEW YORK – The American bank JPMorgan has lowered its price tag for Apple from $ 270 to $ 266, but left the rating to "over-comfort." Analyst Samik Chatterjee has adjusted sales expectations for the iPhone in a study available on Monday. The expert explained this with skeptical economic expectations for developing countries and higher US dollars, making devices more expensive.

SocGen reduces target for Thissenkrupp at 22.80 euros – Buy & # 39;

PARIS – The main French bank Societe Generale (SocGen) has lowered the target price for tiensenkrupp after a warning from 27.40 euros to 22.80 euros, but left a rating on Bui. He reduced his earnings estimates for the industry group and thus contributed to another reduction in the EBIT's profit from the summer account, analyst Christian Georges wrote in a study available on Monday. After the EU authorities delayed a decision on a planned steel joint venture with Tata Steel by March 2019, the livestock driver was initially lacking. At the same time, however, it should profit from the upcoming corporate separation, which should reduce the discount of the conglomerate.

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