Wednesday , December 8 2021

Arnault wants an acquittal for rape


The policemen fox handcuffs have been at the age of 72. "Jean-Claude Arnault pleads guilty to the innocence, and therefore he is hoping for an acquittal," defense attorney Bjorn Hurtig said at the start of the trial.

Arnault was sentenced for rape in October 2011 and has since been in prison. Finding that the Frenchman raped a woman again in December 2011, the court did not seem proven.

Arnault claimed that sex with a woman was a consensus. The Frenchman is married to fiancé Katrina Frostenson, a longtime member of the Swedish Academy, who awards the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Due to scandals that the members of the Academy canceled their cooperation, this year the prestigious award was canceled. The next year, the Academy wants to reward the Nobel Prize for Literature twice.

The prosecution and the civil prosecutor in the appeal proceedings also require Arnault to be convicted of another rape case and that his duration of imprisonment should be extended accordingly.

Excluded from the public

The defense wants to question Arnault's wife Frostenson. However, as with the first trials, the appeal will not be public, as the court decided on Monday shortly after the beginning of the meeting.

Arnault, who came to Sweden for a photo at the end of the 1960s, was charged with a sexual assault in November last year as part of the # MeToo debate of 18 women. According to the Dagens Niheter magazine, it is said that for years, it has been sexually harassed or mistreated by women members of the Academy, employees, women, and daughters of academics.

The prosecutors who participated in the investigation launched several lawsuits against Arnault for lack of evidence or recipe.

An internal investigation by the Swedish Academy also revealed that Arnault had several times disclosed the names of the next Nobel Prize winners to friends. The Frenchman liked to be called "the 19th member" of the Academy. (SDA, AFP)

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