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Deep insight into ultrasound: Sophia Vegas in baby fever



Sophia Vegas informs its fans about the progress of their pregnancy via Instagram.

Sophia Vegas informs its fans about the progress of their pregnancy via Instagram.(Photo: imago / UPI Photo)

Monday, November 19, 2018

It's been a while until Sophia Vegas can hold children in your arms. But for now, such a child can look good with ultrasound. On Instagram, Vegas shares this intimate moment.

For more than six months, Sophia Vegas already has a little baby in her stomach and regularly provides updates to pregnancy. As for her, she has now announced her fans on Instagram

The 31-year-old Vegas writes about a photograph taken during ultrasound in gynecological practice: "Our little miracle weighs below 1 kg (2 kilograms) and nearly 9 kg (20 pounds) I got from my pregnancy."

In addition, a diabetes test was performed on her: "Even a sweetener would not be surprised if it is too high, especially after my self-determined vanilla sneakers."

The Star of Reality announced for the first time in this annual "Celebrate Big Brother" season to expect new blood. The father of the child is businessman Daniel Charlier. The two said they had met earlier this year at a private party at Beverly Hills. They live together in Los Angeles.

The offspring receives a great brother

It's the first kid for Vegas. Šarlier said that he already has three sons from the previous relationship. On his Instagram profile, there are different photos of the guys – on the breakfast table, in the bathrobe or in the pool. Incidentally, Charlie and Vegas's child will grow up in the triling: his mother tongue is French, her German, plus the national language in English.

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Sophia Vegas is mainly on the Redlight Legend page Bert Vollersheim got some kind of prominence in Germany. The two were married from 2010 to 2017. They also contributed to the popular Vegas for their participation in the Jungle 2016 camp. She also wrote titles with her cosmetic surgery. In particular, the intervention in the summer of 2017, in which it was removed due to the abandonment of the axis, a total of four ribs, caused stirring.



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