Saturday , August 13 2022

Did Prince William Duchess Kate betray his best friend?


Duchess Kate has sent his friend Rose Hanbury the closest circle of peers. The supposed strange reason: Prince William is said to have had an affair with her.

It is said that Prince William (36) deceived Duchess Kate (37). This is what he wanted to experience the "Intouch" of the palace experts. It is said that friendship has not had the prince with anyone, but with Rose Hanbury (35), one of Kate's closest companions.

The beautiful, now old girlfriend of Kate, is with the noble filmmaker David Rocksavage (58). Prince William and Kate were friends of the couple, who only lived six kilometers away. However, the prince was supposedly involved in an adventure with Rose. Then, it is said that Kate has her husband in the speech, which is said to have denied the accusations, according to the source of "Intouch" and she laughed laughing.

"Terrible rift" between Kate and Rose

The rumors would explain the reports that Kate and Rose had divided into an unpleasant argument. So far, however, it was only known that Rose is no longer in the closest circle of friends of the duchess, but not for that. A privileged period palace told the Sun: "It's well known that there has been a terrible break between Kate and Rose. They were very good friends, but that's not the case anymore."

It is not confirmed if there is anything in the Fremdgehgerüchten. But the rumor continues in the British press. For example, a tweet allegedly made by British journalist Giles Coren (49) says: "Yes, it's an adventure. I did not read it all, but I know about the adventure. Everyone knows the adventure, dear." However, the tweet has been deleted. (EUC)

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