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Do you remember your 1st grade teacher?


Karin Hofmann, November 8, 2018

Every first-class friend of his wife Stahli: Unfortunately, a good relationship with the teacher is not obvious. (Photo: iStock)

My first teacher was Mrs. Stahli. She was tall and thin, and like all the teachers and students of the seventies, she wore a striped sweater. On a class picture from 1977, it is blue and white stripped to be accurate. If you did not know better, looking at photos from the class of that period, you might think that striped sweaters were part of a school uniform.

Ms. Stahl has taught us to read and write. I remember how she is our science: in the picture on the board, the king was sitting on a chair with a large stone behind him. The king was extremely sad for some reason, but that did not matter. We first need to identify which letters are hidden in the picture. C was a stone, a chair chair, but none of us smart kids found a solution.

Since my first year of schooling in the former Paul Klee hometown of Munchenbuchsee, there are only a few fragments of memory, except the sad king: that I jumped through the stone steps and buried my leg; that when I painted the rainbow, I made an ugly picture from my point of view and I was puzzled and wrote a story about the worms called "Schnuckli and Schnackley" or the like, and Miss Stahl and her husband liked it so much for months.

At some point, I lost contact with Mrs. Stahli, but I never forgot it. In my memory, she always remained "my good first-class teacher".

Reunion after four decades

When I first published the book for forty years after I entered school, Ms. Stahli suddenly came to my senses. After all, she taught me how to read and write! I spontaneously invited him to launch a book after finding his address on the Internet. I was not sure if she remembered me the amount of children she had been studying in the last few decades. And if he does, will he accept my invitation?

As she entered the room with her husband in the evening, I immediately felt a sense of warmth. We greeted old friends. She held a story about the snails I wrote in 1977 in her hand. Suddenly I realized what Mrs. Stahli had done to a good, not a great teacher, and why, after so many years, that meeting made me so happy: she was sure to love me, other children and sincerely loved her work.

The Secret of Outstanding Teachers

In retrospect, I wondered if a little love for goofy and work was enough to be a good teacher. No, of course not. It takes much more to be able to exercise competently the teaching profession. But love for children and work is the foundation that sets a great teacher apart from the rest of the crowd. Without this foundation, the lives of children and parents can be tremendously difficult.

So I want all the champions and the first classmates have a wife or a gentleman. Get to whom or who he will remember for the rest of his life with the same happiness I felt in Mrs. Stahl's thoughts all these years. To handle this would be all.

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