Thursday , July 7 2022

Due to German publicity: politicians go to Egli


Beatrice Egli is currently in the advertising of a German buyer of discounts, even in Switzerland, where there are no retailer's branches. This does not fit everything.

Beatrice Egli (31) shines this week from the prospect of the German supermarket chain Real – all Germany promotes sportswear with the Swiss singer. The brochure was also distributed in areas close to the border in Switzerland to attract customers for Real's offers in Germany.

This causes Marcel Fringer (51), candidate of the National Council of the FDP and president of the Schaffhausen Trade Association, to be in the palm. "I can not fully understand that a Swiss superstar for a German budget chain for advertising purposes," he says. Fringer talks about a "slap in the face of Swiss retail trade". For years, he campaigned against the store that died at Schaffhausen. "That's why he hit me when I saw Egli in this prospect."

The retailer wants to attract Egli Schweizer to the border

With his displeasure, Fringer is not alone. "The fact that a German company with a popular Swiss star wants to increase sales beyond the border, bothers me," says the SVP National Council of Zurich, Mauro Tuena (47). "I prefer to see Egli as the master figure of a Swiss brand, for example, Läderach chocolate."

The Council of Zuger CVP states, Peter Hegglin (58), is also upset: "I think it is questionable to distribute German advertising with Egli in the Swiss border area." The action is "not ideal »For the national industry and also the cantonal councilor of Zurich. Nina Fehr Düsel (38), who grew up at the border close to Eglisau ZH.

Egli does not work for Real

Beatrice Egli is no more than an ambassador of the brand of sportswear Syltfit, which will be distributed by Real, says Markus Jablonski, of the German retail chain. "She does not work for us, and there is currently no direct collaboration between reality and Mrs. Egli." Therefore, it is not intended to make more publicity with Schwyzerin. Beatrice Egli herself did not want to comment on the commitment of BLICK with the German company. However, he is supported by the FDP Ruedi Noser (58) from Zurich: "I am delighted that Beatrice Egli is also successful in Germany."

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