Elon MuskRecently, Elon Musk has shared some details about the new Tesla software update.Patrick Fallon / Reuters

Tesla's next big innovation is in the starting blocks. Thursday, the head of the company, Elon Musk, announced on Twitter The next release of "Summon +", the update to Tesla's "Summon" parking car function.

As reported by the CNBC, it should now be possible with the software update that Tesla cars remain their owner independently. Therefore, the car can not only be parked, but also collect the owner in a certain place.

The car should be able to follow the owners everywhere

now to # October last year Musk had announced that vehicles compatible with the Summon + update could park and park independently in a parking lot.

The new technology is part of the automatic self-management system of Tesla pilots. Even now the owners of the Model S or X can park their vehicles largely autonomously. With the new update to Summon +, the longest distances can be managed autonomously.

Problems with the launch of the market in some countries

However, according to company information, Tesla can not be authorized to implement Summon + in all the markets in which the company operates. Here, there are still some legal and regulatory obstacles to overcome. The company did not become more specific.

"We follow the procedures until the final regulatory approval," said Musk in reference to Summon +. "In a few weeks, the access to the owners of an advance access program will probably be published." Even so, the first vehicles should be able to track their owners to the location of their smartphone.

The update is intended to be compatible with all Tesla vehicles produced in the last two years.