Friday , May 14 2021

End of the New York Stock: Ralli Nas also helps Dov Vin | news

S & P 500 rose 1.06 percent to 2730.20 points. The election index Nasdaq 100 advanced at the same time by 1.78% to 6890.45 points.

The Empire State index was better than expected, but the Philli Fed index and weekly unemployment claims showed a poorer picture than expected. Retail data also did not fully confirm. Overall, sales were more than estimated on the whole, but without selling cars and selling gas stations, they were weaker, says Goldman Sachs. All in all, the mixed picture still shows a solid pace of growth, it says.

Among the winners in the Dov, Cisco's shares surpassed the index of plus 5.5 percent. The network specialists delighted their investors with a surprisingly strong first fiscal quarter. The bottom line was a gain of almost 50 percent.

For 3M newspapers, it grew by 3.5% elsewhere. Conglomerate predicts strong revenue growth in the coming years. The surplus per share is expected to increase by 8 to 11 percent per year over the next five years.

JPMorgana's shares made a plus of 2.6 percent since the entry of the investor in the star Varren Buffetta. This took place through an investment firm Berkshire Hathaway with a significant amount of the largest US bank. In the third quarter, the 88-year investment gurus on the stock exchange bought more than 35 million JPMorgan shares, which increased the stake worth about $ 4 billion.

However, Valmart's shares lost 2.0 percent at the end of the Dov. Retail reported a strong third quarter and is optimistic about the holiday. However, analyst Simeon Gutman of Morgan Stanley was cautious and believes that growth could peak in the second quarter of this year. In addition, freight costs should be ensured as a wage increase in the new year for lateral winds is said, it was said.

The works of JC Pennei have experienced extreme price movements. After a drop of nearly 14 percent at the start of trading, it was 11.5 percent high at the end. However, sales in the third quarter of the brands group were disappointed.

In the US bond market, ten-year government bonds largely lost their early gains, from 3/32 points to 100 3/32 points. They returned 3.121 percent. The exchange rate rate rose temporarily to $ 1.1362 in US trade and closed at $ 1.1333 at the end of Vall Street trading. After resigning several members of the British government, the price fell earlier to $ 1.2781. The European Central Bank later set a benchmark of $ 1,1305. The dollar cost 0.8846 (0.8853) euros. / Ck / he

— Claudia Muller, dpa-AFKS —


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