Monday , April 12 2021

Fabio Grosso is Sion’s second worst coach since Uli Stielike in 2008

Four, five, sometimes eight games. In the past, this was the durability value of an FC Sion coach in case of failure. Spaniard Gabri was able to play eight games until he had to pack his bags. His points average was 0.5. Gennaro Gattuso was allowed to try three games as a licensed player coach. Average: 0.33 counters. Rookie Ricardo Dionisio was frustrated by Corona after five games. His 0.4 average would hardly have given him more games. The big ones? His average is 1.04 points per game. He has now played 24 matches. He won five of them. Five! The first division cup match included Schötz. This is a devastating result. The balance of a decline. And a devastating cut.

If you leave out those coaches who have played less than ten games away from FC Sion, Grosso is the worst coach in terms of points since Uli Stielike 2008. The European world champion and German world runner-up had to add 0.91 points then eleven games go per game. Since then, 13 coaches have tried. And they were all better than Grosso. And they all had to leave early in the end.

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