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Galaki F and Galaki S10: The ability to display the processor next week


7-nanometer chip with 5G modem

Not only will Spring be relaxed for Samsung fans. Although the Galaxy S10 series is expected to be the concept of a foldable Samsung smartphone, but in November there is an idea about a possible processor. When the processor is exactly detected and what functions it probably brings, you will learn below.

Samsung on Twitter announces the next Ekinos processor.

Samsung on Twitter announces the next Ekinos processor. (Source: Samsung)

On the Twitter account, the team of Samsung Ekinos today displays the image with the inscription "Intelligence comes from within", and the date was published on November 14th. In the background there are lines of the smartphone, as well as the chip that can be seen. In addition, the hashtag "# TheNektEkinos" has been added. Therefore, it is very likely that this is the date of presenting the new Ekinos processor. Since it is most likely a chips for Samsung's upper class of smartphones, it can be assumed that this is used in the Galaki F and Galaki S10 models. The smallest in Asia and Europe, as Samsung produces phones in the US market instead of just Kualcomm chips.

All information about the Galaki S10 Series the theme Samsung is working under the name "Beiond" on the successor to its Galaki S9 smartphone. Netzvelt reveals what we know about the price, releases and features of the Galaki S10 model so far. Look now

A Twitter message indicates that the processor (CPU) probably rely on AI support and can have its own NPU (a unit for neural processing). This already exists in Huawei processors, which carry smartphones like Mate 20 Pro. In addition, nothing is officially known about the new Samsung CPU, but it can be assumed that production takes place in both Apple and Huawei already in the 7-nanometer process. This provides greater efficiency and greater computing power.

Considering that the next high-quality chip of Kualcomm, the successor to Snapdragon 845, is likely to have a K550-based 5G modem, it is presumed that Samsung has the right equipment. Whether Samsung can make up for the current performance champion, Apple's A12Ks, remains to be seen.

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