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Heavy losses despite big releases


from the Dominic Zvingmann
A new annual report by Enik's Skunk shows that the publisher has recently suffered a remarkable loss of $ 33 million. According to the company, it is responsible for the restructuring of the developer Luminous Productions. After the departure of Hajime Tabat, the team is now working on the new AAA titles for the global market.

Publisher Skuare Enik has released a new annual report for the last quarter of this week. Among other things, the company had to accept an extraordinary loss of $ 33 million. The main reason that Skuare Enik calls restructuring the recently established studio study Luminous Productions. Together with game directors Hajime Tabata, the former Final Fantasy 15 programmers worked on the AAA game, as well as additional entertainment content.

After announcing this morning that Hajime Tabata no longer works with Skuara Enik, Skuare Enik announced the new direction of Luminous Productions. Therefore, in the future, the studio will only work on the new AAA title for the global market. Is this still an Hajime Tabate project, so far it's not clear. Enik Skunk also failed to achieve a successful quarter.

Kingdom Hearts 3: Gameplai trailer with Baimak, Frozen & Co.

Compared to the previous year, sales fell by 15%. Despite the release of Shadov of the Tomb Raider in September, Skuare Enik could only break through half of last year's quarter. With the Royal Heart 3 in January 2019, it is a great accent for the publisher. In early December, Release 4 will be released, which we recently allowed to try.

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