Saturday , September 25 2021

Helene Fischer surprises with a suppression action on Instagram

Who Wednesday Helene Fischers (36) The Instagram profile, the expected yawn void, has been clicked. All photos, messages and videos are deleted. The pop singer’s profile image only shows a black area with a circle. It is likely that around 810,000 subscribers will be disappointed with the lack of publications. But there is some hope.

Because a countdown is currently running on Helene Fischer’s home page, which should end on August 6th. But what does it mean? According to Bild, Fischer will announce his return and a new album. It is said that the singer has a whole secret plan for her return. In addition to an album, it also includes a tour, major television appearances and a Christmas program.

Posted: 21/07/2021, 21:33

Last update: 21/07/2021, 23:56

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