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Her husband is having a boat party with models

Princess Eugenia’s husband was photographed on a yacht splashing with models on the Italian coast. What is it about?

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  • Jack Brooksbank spent the weekend in Italy, really to “work.”
  • But Princess Eugenia’s husband also enjoyed the good weather on a yacht.
  • There were also three women on board with him, one of whom appeared topless several times.

For most new parents, the first few months are an endless loop of dirty diapers and sleepless nights.

But for Princess Eugenia’s husband (31), this time it means a glass of rosé wine on a luxury boat off the coast of Italy. And Jack Brooksbank (35) can even say it works. But the photos of his pleasure cause a great stir on social media.

Because the royal marriage was by no means alone … but all in the beginning!

Brooksbank spent the weekend on the elegant Mediterranean island of Capri. Husband Eugenie attended a prestigious dance under the stars. According to the Daily Mail, he is the brand ambassador for Casamigos Tequila, sponsor of the Unicef ​​summer gala over the weekend. Tickets for the event therefore cost between 10,000 and 31,000 Swiss francs.

Riding on a luxury yacht with models

But before “working,” the new dad spent some time Friday afternoon aboard a classic luxury yacht. The goal was to explore the caves and grottoes of the Capri coast. Rachel Zalis and Maria Buccellati joined the Royal during the boat tour.

Zalis is a former editor of Glamor Magazine and is now the global director of Casamigos. And Buccellati is an old model who became a fashion ambassador. Brooksbank loved the latter when they posed for an Instagram snapshot that she shared with her 14,000 followers.

Another model on board was the Italian Erica Pelosini. She was extremely revealing during the trip. In the photos, a bath towel has been wrapped. But according to the “Daily Mail” there were several times when he appeared topless.

Princess Eugenia takes care of her son

As mentioned, the images caused a great stir on social media. Because Brooksbank happily clashed with the three women at sea and visibly enjoyed her time with the beauties.

And where was his wife, Princess Eugenia, while the royal couple spent time on a yacht? Prince Andrew’s daughter stayed in Windsor to look after her son August (5 months).

According to a source close to the couple, Brooksbank went on the trip alone because he was going to do “his job.” But the photos speak a different language …

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