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In the stress test of the FDP-Bundesrat candidate, only the UN Migration Pact has caused tension


For Karin Keller-Sutter, Christian Amsler and Hans Vicki talk shov, which FDP performs in various cities in front of the audience, the main test for their appearance in front of the factions. So the trio hit the first night in Basel.

Daniel Gerni

Karin Keller-Sutter (Christian Amsler) and Hans Vicki (r.) At the November 6, 2018 discussion (Photo: Georgios Kefalas / Keistone)

Karin Keller-Sutter (Christian Amsler) and Hans Vicki (r.) At the November 6, 2018 discussion (Photo: Georgios Kefalas / Keistone)

Elections are held in parliament, but for parties, federal elections are a great opportunity to present their staff to the public. The candidates themselves can test how they receive their answers to the federal parliamentary groups in relation to their performances. Guests Karin Keller-Sutter, Christian Amsler and Hans Vicki in front of FDP base in Muttenz was the first of three such events of this kind. The interest was dangerous, but the street cleaner was not an event. It seems to be an obvious starting position. Politically, the trio claims in Daniela Schneeberger, a national councilor of the Basel FDP, a moderated debate – the differences were much less than in similar events in the previous federal election.

Trio justified the ambitions of the Federal Council

Karin Keller Sutter After her first, unsuccessful bid in 2010, she twice considered whether she wanted to compete again. "But many colleagues encouraged me to restart. The Federal Council is the office I would like to take over."

Christian Amsler: If you are politically active and active in the cantonal executive, it is obvious that you are interested in a higher-level office.

Hans Vicki: "This is something best for politicians to participate in further development of society. I do it with passion, so I want to become a federal advisor."

In this way, the candidates assess the UN migration pact:

The most important was a brief discussion of this Uno-migration pact, which was conducted only in the end due to the issue of the viewer. Interesting: All candidates have avoided clear positioning in this hot issue.

Karin Keller Sutter I did not comment on whether the Federal Council should sign the pact. However, he locates an institutional problem in solving the so-called soft law. Although this is not binding, but the country is still expected to stick with it. The involvement of a legislator in soft legislation is insufficient in this context. This triggered institutional issues. In this particular case, the Federal Council did not even retain the procedural obligations of consultations. Now, worry about trouble.

Christian Amsler it also recognizes the institutional problem. He also does not explicitly say whether the Bundesrat should sign or not. That's in his jurisdiction. However, Amsler pointed out that the damage in the picture of Switzerland could be significant if it would speak against countries like Hungary or the United States under Trump against the Pact.

Hans Vicki also sees the danger that soft law implies things that lack democratic legitimacy. It is not desirable, for example, that additional demands in the field of social work suddenly appear. It is therefore important to deal with institutional issues on the pact. Because he did not read the pact, he could judge him, but not enough content.

How many FDP arguments have been shown?

On that evening, politicians tend to make phrases: one is a bridge builder, capable of compromising, against polarization and regulation, but is a prominent, free thinking. Also, the population must pour pure wine, and Pflasterlipolitik must stop. If the discussion suffered from one, then there were very many very general statements. "This is not the answer" or "What it means" are statements that have whispered to the audience several times. In short, hard news is hardly expected from this time.

Thus, "KKS" mastered its favorite role

Keller-Sutter looked aware of her favorite roles, but she did not play. The CCS presented itself as an experienced cleanliness of politicians, which started thirty years ago with the first bid for the office in her community Vil, which brought her to the National Council. She stressed her compromise abilities: "It is necessary to have mutual understanding".

The message of the Basel region to the new Federal Council of the FDP or the Federal Council of the FDP

The region is often seen in the Bundesbern on the pages – literally accepted: the president of the FDP government Monica Gschvind accordingly advertised regional transport projects. Last week, the Federal Council decided not to include the S-Bahn Pool Center at the expansion stage in 2035. Candidates listened to the lawsuit. After that, Basel's concern with transport policy was no longer a problem.

Question of a foreign language

A foreign language test at a similar event of the CVP's ​​Federal Council's candidate uncovered riots in English and French. i Hans Vicki it's already bad in the previous look. The FDP wisely removed the bold experiments: they spoke with a dialect.

When would the audience choose?

Karin Keller Sutter is crystal clear in our unrepresentative, rather unreliable and largely random, quick survey. Despite the good results of all candidates, we did not find observers or viewers who did not discuss PPS. Only one was dissatisfied: I would not choose any of them, he said.

Our estimate for the diversion in the faction

Karin Keller-Sutter: Favoritin remains favored. Even after the stress test in front of the audience, it is clear that there is no chance for the "KKS". State Council and former State Councilor St. Gallena did not make a mistake that night, and that was enough.

Christian Amsler: If the Education Director Amsler was under pressure because of the irregularities in the Schaffhausen School of Dentistry, he did not allow it to show at Muttenz at least. Theme not addressed. And Amsler, the only one who does not sit in federal councils, has also made a sovereign figure in another way.

Hans Vicki: And he is sinless. If the KKS was not as good as it was set, Vicki would probably have real chances. He deliberately presented himself as a politician with an entrepreneurial gene. For several years he has been chairing the influential Chamber of Commerce of Central Switzerland and has been sitting in steering boards. He played this trump card.

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