Friday , October 7 2022

Indeed: Novartis project with Google will be canceled


The idea sounded impressive: eye contact lenses should also measure glucose levels in patients with diabetes – because even in liquid cessation blood sugar can be found. Novartis and Google (or more precisely, Novartis subsidiary Alcon and Verili Healthcare Division) met four years ago to pool their development expertise.

Obviously, the results were disappointing. Brian Otis, Verili's Chief Technical Officer, announced that the project will stop. "We are at the moment when, together with Alcon, we decided to stop working on the lens sensor," Otis wrote on Verili's blog.

«Very complex»

Clinical trials have shown that there is a lack of consistent relationship between blood glucose levels in fluid flow and blood levels. It has been proven to be very complex to reliably measure glucose levels in the eyes. "The requirements of a medical device" could not be met at this time, says Brian Otis.

However, this does not mean the complete abolition of teamwork Verili and Alcon: work continues to develop adaptive contact lenses for patients with presbiopia and other projects for "smart" lenses.

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