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Is Gabalier correct, homophobic and misogynist?

Is it correct, homophobic and misogynist Andreas Gabalier? Decide for yourself: 9 quotes

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Come endless albums, fill up the great shows and always make pretty violent debates: Heimatlover and folk rock – Scout, Andreas Gabalier. The reason: time and again is accused of expressing populist, homophobic and misoginous right.

Andreas Gabalier at a concert in Innsbruck at the end of November 2018 Image: APA / APA

Now, Andreas Gabalier is back to the public. This time it is about the planned award of the Karl-Valentin Order on Saturday in Munich. The art of Gabalier has nothing to do with the art of Karl Valentin, "and nothing at all," said the director of Karlstadt-Musäums, based in Munich, Sabine Rinberger, now. He separated from Gabalier's sociopolitical attitude.

But, really, homophobic and misogynist is the Austrian singer?

We chose 9 quotes. Make up your mind:

… about the clique:

In his song «My Bergakamerad» says:

«Comrades stay together for a lifetime /
A friendship that configures the life of a man /
Just like an Iron Cross, which is at the highest peak /
And it even holds the strongest stormwind ".

… about women, part 1:

In the Formula One race of Spielberg 2014, the musician reinterpreted the national anthem. He sang the old text of the hymn praising Austria as the home of "great children." He put aside the "great daughters", who have also made tours since 2012.

"I learned the text of the Austrian national anthem when I was eight years old at the school in teaching subjects, and I see no reason to sing it differently. Anyone who has dealt with me and my songs, especially the letter, before, should not have escaped that I have the utmost respect for women. "


… about women, Part 2:

When asked if "Madl" can also be "Madl":

"They can do this with me: in a time of gender deception. I have no problem with that. My girl is also a very mature, studied and working woman, she has three jobs and is currently writing her doctoral thesis at Right. At the same time, he likes to cook in the stove and makes a sting when I get home and take home. And I think that's also good. "

Rhenish post

… about women, part 3 …

… or the "time contaminated by gender" in which we live:

"But this in our time, contaminated by gender, comes soon to the ideas about how to legally determine the private life of the man once a week to erase the dishwasher and hang the laundry, this goes a long way in some moment ".

Münchner Merkur

… about homosexuality, part 1:

"It's not easy in the world, if you like Manderl is still in a Weiberl."

Translation: "It is not easy in this world, if you are still a man who is in women." mirror

… about homosexuality, Part 2:

Whether Gabalier has foreigners among his friends, we do not know. In any case, according to his own information, he is not homophobic. Reason: he even knows gay people.

"I even know three gay couples, two on television, one on the private one. I think that sexuality should not be left so broadly in public. For respect for our young children. They have to make their own image of sexuality when they are old enough. And not necessarily on the way to the garden of children that the Pudelnackerten see on the big billboards. "

Münchner Merkur

… about the supposedly missing freedom of expression:

"It's just that you can not say anything else in this day and age. Especially as a person of the public, you have to be very careful. Many are, therefore, gentle and gently wiped out with your claims, instead of mocking yourself. What do I have to pass? It costs me a smile. I think the people who know me know how to mark. The halls are full, people are enthusiastic, I always say: it's music, and it's over. "

Rhenish post

… about transgender:

In fact, the interview was about his image of women and the question why he uses words like "Dirndl, Rehlein, Weiberl or Zuckerpuppe" for women. Then he climbed.

"Yes, this is just some ancient expressions in the texts. In Austria, both traditional ones are devaluing or even forbidden, for example, a beer announcement that showed a woman with a big slit. Sexist too , said. On the other hand, in Vienna, we show posters of transsexual people with basss and breasts. Is that normal? »


… about media in Austria:

Before Christmas 201, Gabalier denounced the Austrian liberal newspapers Standard and Falter as a place and place. He also said that his editors were "concealed in the living room" to write "devastating stories." Their reason for what they did:

Because "traditions are not for them," non-Christian publishers in any of the journalists "would have had 24.12 nothing to do".

I: Newspapers would receive press funding "in the millions" to "print this quark".


So Gabalier was dislocated on the cover of the Volks-Rock album "Roller:

  • The colleagues of the "Standard" described the lid as "a dynamic body that represents a reminiscence of a swastika."

And what Gabalier says about the accusation of the swastika? He knows nothing:

"I think these associations are really incredible, and I do not use them consciously. If someone wants to see something negative, they will always find something or even invent something that is not there. Some now feel called to discover the most terrible things about it. my work. I will not let it happen! »


By the way, Gabalier's address did not comment on the critique of the planned medal.

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