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"It's a moment of enjoyment" – Switzerland defeated after grabbing against Belgium with 5: 2!


Switzerland plays against Belgium in an unprecedented homeless. After the early 0: 2 defeats win number one 5: 2. Big Haris Seferovic meets three times.

Christian Bragger, Lucerne

Haris Seferovic celebrates after he scored a goal of 5-2 with Steven Zuber, Denis Zackari and Grant Jake. (Image: Urs Lindt / freshfocus)

Haris Seferovic celebrates after he scored a goal of 5-2 with Steven Zuber, Denis Zackari and Grant Jake. (Image: Urs Lindt / freshfocus)

Haris Seferović (Swiss Triple Shot):

"It's a moment to enjoy, first we slept and then woke up." We really started. It was only a matter of time before the hits hit, we confirmed the team we are, what qualities we have. "

What a football night. What a reaction to the "business blockade" over the week against Qatar. The Swiss finally fulfill their promise and defeat big with Belgium. And how they defeated him.

The Swiss know that they have to win the Belgians if they want England to host Portugal next June in the League of Nations League. But after only 66 seconds, their plan of a good match was outdated, which they adjusted with their coach Vladimir Petkovic against the world number one. And instead of respecting, it ended – it's already called: Attention, completed-out. Because Nico Elvedi is next to Timm Klose in the central defense at the beginning of a lot of trouble and his colleague Gladbach's club Thorgan Hazard shoots at the ball. And this is easily won by his Gladbach College Iann Sommer. The Swiss are trying to reorganize immediately, but that does not work. The same risk becomes 2: 0 because it is allowed to prevail; now Switzerland has to score at least four goals and no more cash for the Final Four of Nations League.

Ricardo Rodriguez wins a penalty against Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois (Photo: Toto Marti / Blick / freshfocus (Lucerne, November 18, 2018))

Ricardo Rodriguez scored a penalty for the Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.
(Photo: Toto Marti / Blick / freshfocus (Lucerne, November 18, 2018))

But then comes what no one else trusts. Strangely after the start of the Belgian game with cats and mice, the Swiss are suddenly leaving. In 26th minute, Rikardo Rodriguez takes advantage of a penalty drawn by the player Kevin Mbabu. Linking the blow gives the wind, Petkovic immediately switches to a tested triple chain, but playing a risk for the card. The Swiss press, the Belgians almost do not know how it happened, four minutes later, Haris Seferovic meets Kheraddin Shakiri to 2: 2. It's all the better because Seferovic has some kind of home game in Lucerne and can not stop. Even before the break, the striker brings Switzerland after a counter-attack on Edimilson Fernandes, with a wonderful finish in the lead. 3: 2, what is the change, what is the strong reaction of Switzerland against this world soccer wheel.

The question is how does the Swiss behave from now on. You press for the fourth goal? Or, finally, to return the long-awaited victory against the great? After a few minutes you can see that Switzerland wants more. Seferović does not work right in front of the goal, the ubiquitous Shakiri circulates a free kick over the case. The 62nd minute came: Elvedi hit his head after a wider winger to 4: 2. 4: 2!

Switzerland after a crazy turn in the finals

Switzerland increases the team minute by minute

And what does Eden Hazard and Co do? A bit. If it is, the summer is on the spot, paring two long, large borders, later rescues it. Unauthorized Switzerland put in another, Seferović still does not have enough and nodded at 84th minute the ball to 5: 2 earned – even at this altitude. 15,000 spectators are away from home, Belgium has won five goals. It's a triumph of the collective, because everyone is growing incredibly. Also Petković. How did Shakiri say in advance? "You do not have to worry." He was right.

National coach Vladimir Petković:

"It was a bit better than three days ago (0-1 against Qatar), a big compliment to the team, we stayed in the match after 0: 2. I'm proud of these guys. We believed in our chance, even though it was difficult after 0 : 2. "

Nations League

Liga A. Group 2. Last Tournament: Switzerland – Belgium 5: 2 – Ranking: 1. Switzerland 4/9 (14: 5, Final Tournament). 2. Belgium 4/9 (9: 6). 3. Iceland 4/0 (out).

Switzerland – Belgium 5: 2 (3: 2)

Lucerka. – 15 000 spectators (sold). – SR Orsato (ITA).

Goals: 2. Torgon Hazard 0: 1. 17. Thorgan Hazard 0: 2. 26. Rodriguez (foul) 1: 2. 31. Seferovic (Shakiri) 2: 2. 44. Seferovic (Edimilson Fernandes) 3: 2. Elvedi (Shakiri) 4: 2. 84. Seferović (Mbabu) 5: 2.

Switzerland: summer; Mbabu, Elvedi, Klose, Rodriguez; Jaka, Freuler (79th Zakaria); Edimilson Fernandes, Shakiri, Zuber (87th Benito); Seferovic (92th Ajeti).

Belgium: Courtois; Alderveireld, Company, Boiata; Meunier (90th Origi), Tielemans, Vitsel, Chadli (65th Batshuai); Thorgan Hazard, Mertens, Eden Hazard.

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