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Los Angeles (AP) – Michael Douglas (74) is a Hollywood star with two Oscars trophies, which he won as an actor and as a producer. But even the television role was guarding him.

45 years after "the street San Francisco"It will be presented this Friday (November 16th) in Netflick's" The Kominski Method "by The Creator The Big Bang Theori Chuck Lorre. In a conversation with the German Press Agency, he talks about his role, his joy in comedy and his recipe for success .

Question: What motivated you to re-create the series after a long time?

Answer: A great scenario by Chuck Lorre is the reason why it does not matter if you're shooting a movie or a television. My family and I are great fans of his series The Big Bang Theori, and for ten years we have seen this together as a family. A good scenario for the "Kominski metod" convinced me. I also wanted to make a comedy again and there is no better comedy writer than Chuck. And the streaming system is fantastic. You can do a half an hour episode without advertising and you can say whatever you want. It's a great medium.

Question: What do you like about this comedy, which also has serious nuances?

Answer: I like contrast in comedy tragedy. It's like real life. This makes Kominska method so special: for a moment you laugh, in the next you can cry. The comedy genre is difficult. It's often not respected enough, even though we all love a good comedian. Now I had the opportunity to learn more about the right time and rhythm. It made a special request for me to open my heart for a good script. You do not want to expose yourself if the text is bad.

Question: How was chemistry with Alan Arkine? He plays a longtime agent and best friend of her character, acting actor Sandi.

Answer: Of course, I knew in advance how beautiful an actor Alan was. But it's always a tough moment to start a series with someone you do not know. At first, we had a long scene in the old Hollywood restaurant "Musso & Frank," and immediately felt like we've been known for 40 years, as the script says. Sometimes you're lucky and chemistry is right.

Question: Does the series continue after eight episodes? What's next?

Answer: The series is coming out this Friday, which is similar to the theater edition of the movie. If there is great interest, we will be ready to start the next season in mid-January. I would like that. There may be more Ant-Man movies for me, and occasionally I'll make a good independent movie. In addition, I will continue to enjoy life with my wife, see my children and perhaps improve my golf. My life is really good.

Question: Are you proud of your recent work in front of the camera?

Answer: I am very proud of it. In my opinion, it works so hard on its successes. Personally, I was lucky because I was a producer. Many actors only look at their role, while as a producer I watch the whole movie. As an actor, I prefer a minor role in a good movie, not as a leading role in a bad movie. If I compare my career with a baseball game, I would say that my goal is good – without a sensational run, but a good average.

PERSONS: Michael Douglas (73), son of actor Kirk Douglas (101), has been on the camera for more than 50 years. The first big success was in the 1970s with the TV series "Streets of San Francisco". He won Oscars as a producer of psychodrama "One Flying Over a Cuckoo's Nest" and starred in the "Oliver Stone" thriller in "Vall Street". The father of three is married to his other wife, the great actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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