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Lucerne is also navigating the green wave: two former government advisers elected


Korintha Bärtsch (Green) was surprised with the fifth best result of the candidates of the governing council. Image: KEYSTONE

Lucerne is also navigating the green wave: two former government advisers elected

The debate on the weather and the representation of women have helped the greens of Lucerne to unexpected heights in the cantonal elections. The voters of the parliament focused more and more on the ecological parties. Another surprise was the Green Council candidate.

In the five-member government council, only two of the four previous ones were confirmed in the first vote: the two government councils of the CVP: Guido Graf obtained 59,291 votes, Challenge Wyss 58,088. Fabian Peter (FDP) also held the elections with 56 & 410 votes. The healthcare contractor and the cantonal council, 42, could immediately defend the vacant place of the liberals.

Reason to celebrate: The Camp of the Greens in Lucerne. Image: KEYSTONE

The old government councilor, Paul Winiker (SVP), remained with 53,675 votes, just below the absolute majority of 54,369 votes. The non-governmental adviser Marcel Schwerzmann, who only made 39,500 votes, became clear. The financial director only reached the seventh place.

Even before Schwerzmann put the candidates left. Korintha Bärtsch (green) reached the fifth position and, therefore, in the last place of the government. With 42,946 votes he won exactly 400 votes more than Jörg Meyer of the SP. 35 – 365 votes made in the former Roland Fischer National Council (GLP).

«Just joy»

Four years ago, the SP had lost the traditional headquarters of the government. At the same time, women were withdrawn from the government. That the green candidate had obtained even more votes than the SP, probably also because he was the only woman in the candidate field.

As left now they want to position themselves for the second ballot, Bärtsch and Meyer left open on Sunday. Bärtsch was greeted with great applause at the polling station. The 34-year environmental scientist said he felt joy.

Meyer said the two leftists could sit in front of a acting governing council, showing that something had to change. One can not be proud of the government for the last four years.

In fact, the Canton of Lucerne recently named, above all, with its austerity policy. This included cuts in premium subsidies, which the Federal Court declared unlawful.

Schwerzmann starts again

Schwerzmann attributed his poor performance to this verdict and the climatic manifestations that would have driven the left. He had not been punished for Lucerna's financial and fiscal policy, they had already been in the last and last minute elections. In addition, this is approved by all the government, parliament and the people.

Marcel Schwerzmann (2nd on the right) lands only in seventh place. Image: KEYSTONE

Schwerzmann wants to compete again in the second round, along with SVP Winiker government advisor. He said that Schwerzmann had no partisan difficulties. The parties should now consider the second vote, what fiscal policy they wanted.

Environmentally-friendly parties have an almost double seat

The Greens already have the certainty of success in the cantonal elections. The number of seats has doubled to 14 in the new cantonal Parliament and, in addition, young green people are also represented with a seat. The green liberals increased from 5 to 8 seats.

Green president Maurus Frey did not want to shut down only good performance in the climate debate. The green miniature fraction has done a good job in the past, especially in social matters. People have become tired of the hardening of the last four years, and it is likely that they will be new possible minorities of the left. The fact that the Greens in Lucerne increased proportionally more than the party last week in the Canton of Zurich, attributed to the "arrogance of the bourgeois alliance" again.

The SP had also fought successfully against bourgeois politics. He won 3 seats and now he has reached 19 terms. There are only three seats behind the SVP and the FDP. Especially, the SVP lost seven days with losers. He still has 22 seats, up to the FDP, who lost 3 seats.

Civil domination

At the Cantonal Council of 120 members, the CVP, with 34 representatives, is the strongest force, but has lost 4 seats. The three great bourgeois parties continue to dominate with almost two thirds of the seats.

The proportion of women increased from 29.2% to 34.5%. The Middle Ages stayed at age 49. Electoral participation recovered to 41.5 percent after falling to 39 percent in the last elections. It has increased especially in the city and agglomeration of Lucerne. The participation in Dierikon (24.7%) was the lowest at this time and also in Flühli (62.6%). (Bal / SDA)

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