Friday , October 7 2022

Lucerne station blocked for the weekend – Natimatch v. Belgium will be the acid test – the economy


The trial of the Swiss National Football Team against Belgium, to be held on Sunday evening at Allmend in Lucerne, says the SBB's trial was announced by SBB spokeswoman Reto Scharli at the request of the Keistone-SDA agency.

But SBB are ready. Not just for a great opportunity Sunday night, but for the whole weekend. The Lucerne Piano Festival begins on Saturday, and on Sunday, the Lucerne Blues Festival ends.

So, over the weekend, there are over 20 buses for the replacement of trains. On the routes of Lucerne-Ebikon and Lucerne-Emmenbruck, for example, alternate buses work in both directions every 10 minutes. Even for many bus passengers, Scharly also drives two buses at the same time.

As the works do not affect the central runway of the narrow gauge, football fans can take S4 or S5 to the stadium station.

Travelers who want to travel from Luzern to the Museum of Transportation or vice versa should use regular buses. Voralpenekspress and S3 between Lucerne and Verkehrshaus will be closed at 9 pm on Friday. The Littau route goes two times per hour to change the BLS trains.

If everything goes well, all trains will start again on Monday morning at 4 o'clock on schedule.

soft change

SBB operates on switches located at the entrance to the railway station Lucerne. At one of the course in March 2017, Eurocity came out of the car, the traffic of the standard counter was interrupted for four and a half days.

Due to a similar disaster in Basel, SBB suspected that a special type of lacquer could be one of several reasons for incidents. In Lucerne, they now replace the entire exit and adjust geometry. Overall, the SBB changes seven points, and the job is expected by the end of January 2019.

The elaborate main works are now going on this weekend. Several variants have been tested to perform this job, said Scharly. For example, partial blockades. Or use a diesel locomotive. But complete blocking for 48 hours is the safest and most effective option. And the least prone to distractions.

The cost of the entire construction works is about five million francs.

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