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Major operation in Winterthur: injured after a train-car collision


The fire department and police are on duty at Schottikon ZH. According to a police media spokesman, a car and a train collided. There are restrictions on the route SBB Zurich HB – St. Gallen.


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A news listener filmed the scene of the accident: according to the witness, there are two trains and a car involved in the accident.

20min / News-Scout

A final large-scale operation took place east of Winterthur on Monday evening. According to a news explorer, there were at least 15 fire and police vehicles in Schottikon ZH. A rescue helicopter is also used.

As the news scout said, a car collided with a train coming from St. Gallen in the direction of Zurich. The train from Zurich to St. Gallen was also involved in the accident. “The police cordoned off the whole area. Two ambulances have already left, I guess there are injuries. “He lives on the street and has heard screams. According to Ralph Hirt, a spokesman for the Zurich canton police, there have been injuries, the Blick reported.

According to a local journalist, about 150 uninjured train passengers were expelled by firefighters with fire trucks.

Restrictions on the SBB route

Upon request, a spokesman for the Zurich cantonal police confirmed that a train had collided with a car. He declined to provide any information about the injured. More information will follow in the evening.

Due to the accident, there are delays, train cancellations and diversions on the SBB route between Zurich HG and St.Gallen. The duration of the restriction is indefinite according to the SBB rail traffic information.

Here are SBB recommendations: travelers from Zurich HB to Wattwil, Wil SG & St. Gallen travel through Rapperswil SG. Travelers from Zurich HB, Zurich Airport and Winterthur to Gossau SG, St. Petersburg Gallen and Romanshorn travel through Weinfelden. Replacement trip: Winterthur, Hauptbahnhof – Elgg, Bahnhof.Replacement trip: Elgg, Bahnhof – Winterthur, Hauptbahnhof.

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The entire area around the crash site, east of Winterthur, is enclosed in a large area.  (February 22, 2021

The entire area around the crash site, east of Winterthur, is enclosed in a large area. (February 22, 2021

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