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When Berners-Lee invented the Internet while working for CERN European Research Center in 1989, he was full of optimism. As he told American radio-television "CNBC", he initially held about 20 years. He believed it was good for humankind to be connected and that people would meet. But I "made a mistake", says the 63-year-old who is now disappointed.

If you're talking to people on the street now, you'll see a change. That's why Tim Berners-Lee now sees the Internet on the edge and points to threats such as concentration of market power, data breaches, hate speech or false news.

Breaking up the Internet giant

In early November, Berners-Lee even said in a Reuters interview that it might be necessary to divide Internet giants such as Facebook or Google because the threat of their dominance in the market can become too big.

A computer scientist from London has criticized the fact that a bunch of large online giants has now accumulated more financial and cultural power than most sovereign states. For example, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook would all come to a market capitalization of $ 3.7 trillion – which is the same as the German gross domestic product last year.

However, Berners-Lee warns of the leakage steps. For example, some corporations may also naturally lose their size, for example, because competitors get influenced or because there are new technological innovations or because consumer tastes can change.

Another solution

Tim Berners-Lee initially relies on voluntary self-control of all involved parties: governments, companies and citizens. His Foundation Vision Web Web presented the "Internet Contract", which contains guidelines for using the Internet.

In this way, the Internet should be protected as a basic right for everyone. States are required to make the Internet fully available at all times. In addition, they should guarantee network neutrality, i.e. Equally treat all traffic.

Internet giant support "Internet contract"

One of the main pillars of the initiative is that companies respect the privacy and personal information of their customers. And governments also demand that privacy be considered basic human rights – an idea increasingly supported by corporate leaders, including Apple CEO Tim Cook and Microsoft CEO Satia Nadella.

Facebook and Google also support the "Web Contract". However, it is still unclear what kind of concrete consequences – if any – these companies are attracted to their business.

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