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Metro: Ecodus – Spartan Collectors Edition with & without a game


Metro: Ekodus gets a rich collection edition.Metro: Ekodus gets a rich collection edition.

Metro fans can expect the release of a wealthy collector: 4A and Deep Silver have Spartan Collector's Edition in Metro: announced Ekodus. It includes, among other things, a statue, dog tag, postcards, and more. The game is optional for the complete package over Aurora Limited Edition (with even more extras) for booking or shopping separately.

Release without a game is worth about 150 euros (Attention: for packaging and postage will be paid 30 euros). For the combination, you have to pay incredible 235 euros (245 for the console version). Or buy the Collective Edition and the game separately for 210 euros or 220 euros.

Metro: Ekodus Spartan Collector's EditionMetro: Ekodus Spartan Collector's Edition

The content of the Spartan collective edition

  • Artem statua (hand-decorated, made of resin, height 26.7 cm, own number)
  • Spartan-order-dog tag (Replica Artom's Dog Dai)
  • Two Spartner medallions
  • Four collective postcards on Artyom's memories
  • barrel as packing

Content of Aurora Limited Edition

  • Metro Ekodus
  • expansion dodavanje
  • Steelbook
  • Artbook

You can order Collector's edition on the official website. It will be delivered a few days before the release on February 22, 2019, so you can get it on time. Metro: Ekodus will be more open than its predecessors, but there is no real offer for the open world – but also without trivial collection of claims. The story is also twice as long as two predecessors.

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Metro: Ekodus – Gameplai Preview: Gamescom demo reminds you of the best of Crisis

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