Saturday , August 20 2022

My time in Portia: Making Trailers: collecting materials and creating things


Team17 and Pathea Games show in the next trailer for Mi Time in Portia a sandy RPG system. You can see how to collect raw materials and then do all kinds of things on your desk. In addition to drawing, in the game La Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and Cloud Cloud 2, you can grow crops, grow animals, socialize and reveal secrets in the game world. We at Time at Portia are currently in the early stages of accessing the computer and will appear "soon" for PS4, Svitch and Xbox One.

Initially, it may happen to feel overwhelmed when collecting and processing building plans and materials. Finally, a small hand from the competition is taken here. After one or two hours, however, it was motivated by the rhythm of purchasing material and travel of the dealers or into the mine, in which the jetpack and the scanner were armed with useful artifacts of the old high culture, wrote Jan in his review in April.

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