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Naturally low blood pressure: probably you will not need more medications soon


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Take medications every day, that is, many hypertensive patients. But this could end soon if you follow the seven tips below.

Nearly all of the third Germans suffer from hypertension – a study by the Robert Koch Institute. There is no reason for this, it is usually a mixture of genetic predisposition and an unhealthy lifestyle that causes blood pressure to increase abnormally: with serious consequences, such as heart attacks and stroke.

There are ways and means to reduce this. The German hypertension and prevention society (high pressure league) assumes this half Cardiac attacks and strokes could be avoidedIf you do something about hypertension in time.

Lower blood pressure without medication

If your blood pressure is too high, you often only help medication. But those who occupy themselves and live healthily can reduce the medication, but only in consultation with the doctor who attends. Those with only slightly higher levels can initially try to reduce their blood pressure without medication,

Who every day Running throughout the day, eating fast food too often and without doing sports, runs the risk of becoming a patient with high blood pressure. To avoid significant (and also at lower levels), the high pressure league recommends changing an unhealthy lifestyle.

Stiftung Warentest revealed: With these agents, high blood pressure is reduced,

Do you have high blood pressure?

Lower your blood pressure naturally with these tips

The most important overview of natural antihypertensives:

  • overweight cut down
  • less alcohol drink (not every day and when, after only a maximum of 30 grams – this is approximately 0.6 liters of beer or two glasses of wine)

A glass of wine a day? That is why even little alcohol is harming your brain,

  • the to smoke better to give up
  • regularly sports Exercise (resistance sports such as running or swimming are especially good for the heart and circulation)
  • less salt food
  • Generally eat more balanced (Saturated sugars and fats, contained in butter, meat, milk and coconut oil, better avoid)
  • Avoid stress or to compensate for a balance (to help you in a regular daily routine with relaxing oases)

In the case of hypertension, nutrition remains the focus of research, as is the case with many other illnesses. Scientists at the University of Cambridge want to find out that a drink has an especially positive effect: d
the traditional chamomile tea, Three properties make it the perfect remedy for hypertension:

More information on this topic: Strengthen the heart with these ten antihypertensive foods.

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Ten hypotensive foods

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