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New SBB trains «Dosto»: Bombardier break trains – Unpacked Insiders – News


The most important in summary

  • The new two-story SBB long distance train ("FV Dosto") is known as a "drilling train" and has been causing problems for years.
  • The insider's information now shows where the significant shortcomings of Bombardier's production are.
  • Bombardier specialists in Switzerland have serious accusations against the leadership.
  • The trains would be defective to date. In the medium term, even the safety of the trains would be affected.
  • Experts expect the delivery of trains to be delayed even more.

The most expensive recruitment in the history of Swiss rail operations does not come from the site. The new SBB long distance train ("FV Dosto") has a complicated history. For the first time, employees of "Rundschau" will be able to deepen into the production of Bombardier, which they consider defective:

An incorrect metal car makes the cars dry after a short period of time. The bolts would be adjusted to the hand in a "do it yourself" style, which could cause it to evacuate later in the traffic.

To the production, they simply do not have the necessary technical knowledge: "The last people with know-how leave slowly but surely the company or have already been fired." The numerous temporary employees were little time and were not trained enough.

Warning about security issues

In addition, Bombardier did not have the necessary tools. "We do not have drills, screwdrivers, dynamical keys and manual tools. This is a material that we absolutely need."

The workers feel hurt by their professional pride. They are bothered not to receive the appropriate material, enough time or enough staff. «Errors are repeated. And they are found in all vehicles. »

Co-workers hope that eventually something changes. Because: "In the long run, there will be security problems." Experts report a high-speed test in Eastern Europe, where a door was broken. "It was started while driving and pulled at 700 meters."

Bombardier confirms the incident during the driving test, but emphasizes that this can not happen in commercial operations.

Originally, the first "FV Dosto" trains had to work in 2013. Again SBB and Bombardier promised new dates. Meanwhile, Bombardier promises the last installment for 2021. For co-workers, it is clear that this date can not be maintained either.

Even the German railroad expert Hans Leister considers that the plan is not "realistic": "The delivery of the last train will probably have only a few years later."

Bombardier rejects criticism

Bombardier rejects the lack of security. The company underlines that the Federal Transportation Office (FOT) has granted a temporary exploitation license for all three types of trains. The trains used to date had traveled more than 750,000 kilometers without having had any incident related to security. The individual deviations of the specifications are a reality in industrial production and will be corrected.

The company has highly motivated employees and invests a lot in their training and quality assurance. Bombardier also writes that the development of the trains was "unfortunately also delayed by third parties."

SBB chief Andreas Meyer says the mass delay in delivery compared to the "Rundschau": "Promises, delivery schedules, have so far Bombardier." It will not stop the manufacturer with its optimism. "I am convinced that one day this train will be praised as a good step."

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