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Oculus Quest in the test: VR with a high-end tracking without PC


Oculus Quest in the test: VR with a high-end tracking without PC

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Oculus Quest democratizes virtual reality: for 450 euros, it offers a complete RV with room and hands tracking, totally self-sufficient, without PC, with 53 software titles to start. Where is the catch, the test does not clarify.

The Oculus Quest, probably the first VR glasses made from Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation VR, will be available on May 21 for 450 euros and can be ordered in advance. It comes with everything you need for VR: there is an Android system that includes handhelds. We were able to test your device in advance.

The Oculus Quest, totally self-sufficient, intends to convey the same midrange sensation that previously required a powerful PC or PS4 console, as well as a headset that cost several hundred euros. Here it could be argued that, without expensive computers, for example, Samsung's smartphone goggles for many years. But this is only half true: most headphones and goggles of previous self-sufficient cell phones are based only on three axes of movement (3DOF). This means that they can detect twists and inclinations in the head, but without movements of the entire body. However, for a convincingly convincing feeling, this is extremely important, even some people feel bad when the VR world only shows part of their movements. With the exception of the HTC Vive Focus Plus, the previous self-sufficient headphones could not detect natural hand movements, also extremely important for good VR.

From the front you can see the four cameras incorporated in the search, with the help of the glasses determines its position in the space.

Oculus Quest dominates all this, at least, as well as his great sister with computer by computer Oculus Rift. This is made possible thanks to four cameras integrated into the search. These not only detect the environment, but also recognize the position of the two supplied handheld drivers. In practice, we liked the so-called internal monitoring often better than working with external cameras that followed the Oculus Rift: in a standard desktop installation with the two cameras next to the monitor, the rift loses its Your guidance if you sink under the table – a situation that is not so rare, in many VR software titles you need to collect anything from the ground.

In principle, all gestures outside of the headphone viewing angle work a bit worse with internal tracking on the outside, for example, when you remove an arrow from the virtual tremor on the back . Thanks to a gyroscope integrated in the handheld controller and good predictive algorithms, we did not have serious problems during the test, we could control all the titles without problems. Serious handwriting transmitters of the handheld drivers could only turn the wrist at 180 degrees, this is not only painful, but practically never happens in practice. For comparison: the HTC Vive Focus Plus, the only autosuficiente competitor of Quest with a complete tracking of the controller, in the case of the hand is clearer; at least in one of our proven versions. We still did not have the definitive Focus Plus in the testing laboratory.

First connect the handset


Instead of an LC screen, like Go and Rift S (also on May 21 for 450 euros, short tests are done) on the Quest OLED screens: just like in the original Rift and HTC Vive (Pro). However, these have a resolution higher than the original Rift with 1440 × 1600 pixels instead of 1080 × 1200 per eye.

The field of vision corresponds to the predecessor of self-contained headphones Oculus Go. Compared with the 2016 Oculus Rift, the search field is a bit larger. In our tests, the users of the glasses could easily bring their visual aid under the search. Unlike the Rift S announcement, the pupil distance of the Oculus Quest can be adjusted mechanically. The possible range of adjustment is identical to the first Rift: from 58 to 72 millimeters.

In terms of audio, we are doubtful: The Quest has incorporated loudspeakers instead of conventional headphones (such as the Rift). These not only play in your own ears, but only in your environment. While some of the colleagues are not attractive and complain about the worst half feeling, others praise that they no longer feel so encapsulated with the Quest speakers as with the Rift. You have installed a jack, so you can definitely use your own favorite headphones.

Compared with the competition, Oculus offers a surprisingly high quality and high quality software offer (see list below). For example, the classic PC-VR, such as the great musical game Beat Saber, the "light" painting program, the Tilt Brush and the Rec Room multiplayer games collection, will be available for the first time for self-contained headphones. Oculus promises to launch the search offer of 53 software titles. Some of them are compatible between "buy", so you only have to buy them once for Rift and Quest.

We've been able to try some games on our Quest test device. All the titles make a good impression, especially the impressive demands of the hand of Beat Saber is impressive: the control works as well as with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive – and much better than the Playstation VR. Graphically, however, you have to trim all the titles, instead of a fast graphics card like the computer, the handset can only access a SoC ARM. For example, Beat Saber has no particle effects or transparency.

The Quest is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of flash memory – the chip has been produced in 2017, the current SoC high-end Qualcomm is the Snapdragon 855. The slightly outdated chip is due to price fixing: 450 euros the technology is offered at a very reasonable price, to compare: the Vive Focus Plus costs more than 800 euros.

Currently, you do not need a social media account with the parent company Facebook of Oculus to use the search. However, you need an account for the Oculus App Store. The Quest only works autosuficiently, an optional interface for the connection to PC does not offer them.

An incalculable and complete package, as attractive as the Oculus Quest, has not yet provided mobile headsets or freelance headphones. This is mainly due to the reliable location of the rooms and hands, which was previously reserved for this quality computer or console headset. Convince is also the software offer with VR classics like Beat Saber, Superhot VR, Tilt Brush, Rec Room, Moss and Job Simulator. The only downloader: the limited one compared to a powerful graphical power for PC games. However, titles like Beat Saber or Tilt Brush are especially convincing due to their average sensation: they also have fun with less graphics.

These software titles will be available for the release of messages on May 21:


The information about display technology is corrected.

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