Saturday , August 20 2022

Opera 60: the browser is far ahead of Firefox and Chrome


Opera has long been a non-desirable competition for underestimation of the established browser. Because the program not only convinces with its appearance, it also offers with each update newer and more interesting features that you will not find in Chrome or Firefox yet.

That's right, again this time: the current ending Version 60 It has a crypto-wallet that also allows access to web applications based on Ethereum, called dApps, as well as managing cryptocurrency. In addition, the Opera browser now shines with a light or dark theme.

To activate the crypto-wallet to Opera version 60, you must first download the Opera application for Android or iOS. Then, scan the QR code displayed with your smartphone and verify the unlocking of the chosen mobile phone, such as the password or the digital fingerprint. You can now manage Ethereum cryptometry and have access to several Etherum-based dApps. These applications give you access to the so-called Web 3, which, unlike Web 2.0, wants to give more control over their own data because of their decentralized structure.
But this is just one of the changes that Opera wants to convince its users.

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