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Pay Switzerland via mobile phone?

The Commission for the Protection of Competition (Veko) has launched an investigation into the alleged boycott of Apple and Samsung Pai. The LOOK survey shows that Apple Pai is currently losing money. But Tvint can not just cheer.

The Swiss financial community is in a great spirit! The Competition Commission (VEKO) is targeting Swiss financial institutions. Reason: the alleged boycott of mobile payment solutions, such as Apple Pai and Samsung Pai. That's why she came across Credit Suisse and UBS, Postfinance and credit card companies Svisscard and Aduno.

Veko wants to find out whether the Swiss financial institutions have made agreements with each other not to support payment solutions for mobile phones from international providers such as Apple Pai and Samsung Pai. And so they prefer the Swiss solution Twint.

Only among friends

What does the population look like – what do Swiss prefer? LOOK is on the street. Many respondents do not use Tvint or Apple Pai. Bet on a cash, credit or debit card. Only a few have security reasons. The reason for their refusal by Tvint is that the service does not offer any additional benefit.

The typical user of Tvitt is Jannis De Giorgi (28), the administrator of the office: "On average, I use Tvint once a week for friends." Fiona Meier * (27), a consultant, also uses Twitter almost exclusively as a circle of friends. There, the payment solution is used to separate accounts from one another. In business, on the other hand, she and her companion practically never pay with Tint. Contactless card payment is much faster.

There is no complete cancellation for Apple Pai

Twitter got a chance from Sandra Wong (47). Only recently installed a payment solution. But she had to go to her bank because something was not working, says Wong, shaking her head. Also Andrev V. * did not have a particularly good experience with Twitter. Nevertheless, he thinks he will start again. After all, most of his colleagues would use the application.

Apple Pai has a small chance on Zurichevye streets. Only two respondents use a payment solution for an American technology giant. But maybe the Apple Pai's time is still there. Because many said that they had simply not dealt with so far. In fact, no one is against.

This is how mobile Tvint payments work

Anyone who wants to buy without contact with the smartphone needs a payment application. For example: Apple Pai. Double click and paid. You need a little longer with the Tvint-App or the appropriate home bank. Users can also spend money with one another in the family circle or with other people through the application. Users must link Twitter to their bank account or credit card (depending on the supplier). The pre-requisite for the smartphone is the iOS operating system (with iPhone 5 and iOS 10) or Android (from version 5) and Bluetooth functions (from version 4.0). For cash boxes with a light or tv terminal, open the mobile app and touch "Pai nov" – you need to activate Bluetooth and site service – and for a moment hold the smartphone. If there is no lighthouse or terminal, you must open the Tvint application and tap the KR icon code. Then point the mobile phone camera on the KR when leaving or displaying. After successful payment in the application, there is a confirmation. Payments through the application are directly charged to a bank account or credit card.

Credit Suisse is "surprised"

Banks also talked about it. Credit Suisse expressed surprise in the statement on the investigation. She is convinced that the allegations will prove unfounded. This is because CS users in Switzerland already have access to Apple Pai and Samsung Pai through their 50% subsidiary, Svisscard.

It's usually Twint

Apple Pai, Google Pai, Samsung Pai or Alipai: These are international technicians who set a tone in mobile payments. And they are increasingly trying to make money on the Swiss market. Knowing this: in rich Switzerland, almost 92% of people use a smartphone for conversations and surfing. Only 5.5 percent still use a simple mobile phone, and the rest gave up on the consulting firm Deloitte on the mobile phone.

Setting the tone in Switzerland is Twint. A good 73 banks rely on a mobile payment solution. Subsidiaries BCV, Credit Suisse, Postfinance, Raiffeisen, UBS, ZKB and Six have more than one million registered users. According to a study by the University of Applied Sciences in Lucerne, 13 percent of Switzerland uses the Twitter payment platform. The service is especially popular among men between 20 and 40 years.

SBB will soon turn into automated sales machines

As of November 1, Migrosa can also pay more than 800 branches and special stores via the KR code on the platinum terminal Tvint. From January 5, 2019, more than 1.26 million SBB of daily rail passengers can pay per twin, the company recently announced. Map machines and travel centers should be ready by mid-2019. Selection of other players who bet on Tvint: Coop, Nespresso, Ochsner Sport, Sprungli and Chicory. The payment system comes to more than 75,000 stores now accepting Twitter.

However, Swiss consumers use a non-contact smartphone payment, which is still very limited. The share of mobile payments is less than 2%. This is reflected in the study by ZHAV and the University of St. Gallen. There is a lot of potential: "More than 70 percent of surveyed users might imagine more frequent use of mobile payments in the next three years." (Hour)

Svisscard was also surprised that Veko was involved in the procedure. At Svisscard, users can use mobile payment solutions for Apple Pai (from November 2016) and Samsung Pai (from August 2017). Svisscard is sure, however, that the allegations will be proven without a reason.

Postfinans wants to cooperate with Veko

Even with Postfinance, you can quietly see an investigation. They cooperate with the competent competition authority, a yellow bank said. Continue: "Post-funding is convinced that it did not violate Swiss antimatter legislation." Post-financing relies on the payment solution for Twitter. It's not surprising: the Tvint application originally developed Postfinance.

UBS can not comment on ongoing investigations. The Great Bank notes, however, that they have already tried in 2016 to agree with Apple Pai on the use of UBS credit cards. "Although we offered several alternatives, Apple Pai could not find a cooperation agreement," said Zurich's Paradeplatz headquarters.

Apple is alone in Veko's vision

Does Apple just prevent competition for payment in Switzerland? They have been cited for some time now. In 2016, consumer protection filed a lawsuit against the US company Veko's competition authority. Reason: The technology giant blocks other manufacturers on its iPhones chip access to short-circuit technology from NFC, which is the fastest and simplest technology for non-contact payment. The NFC interface claims Apple exclusively for its mobile payment service Apple Pai. That's why Twitter needs to read the KR codes or Bluetooth technology. This significantly extends the payment process. The case against Apple is progressing, says Veko Vice Olivier Schaller, but the decision has not yet fallen. Tint soon expected.

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