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Possible video calls with up to 1,000 viewers ›Macerkopf

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Version 7.9 of Telegram Messenger can now be downloaded from the App Store. Even if it is “only” an X.9 update, in our opinion, the latest version is a great update with all sorts of new features. Among other things, video calls with 1,000 viewers are now supported.

Telegram 7.9 is here

The latest Telegram update takes video to the next level. Group video calls now support up to 1,000 viewers, video messages are recorded with higher quality and can be easily expanded, and normal videos can be viewed at 0.5 or 2 times the speed.

Group video calls allow up to 30 participants to share videos from the camera and screen. From now on, up to 1,000 viewers can participate in a group video call, so you can follow a conference or whatever.

Video messaging is a quick way to get in touch quickly or share your surroundings without adding any other video to your gallery. Video messages now have a higher resolution and you can tap a video message to enlarge it. Touching an expanded video message pauses it and gives you the option to forward or rewind quickly if you haven’t heard anything from the video message.

The media player now supports playback speed 0.5x, 1.5x and even 2x to play conference videos and play Libelings Kung Fu movements in slow motion. (on Android there is also 0.2x).

Screen sharing has now been added to individual video calls and includes the sound of your device. In addition, the app developers have further improved the messenger in many nooks and crannies.

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Telegram Messenger

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