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Prince Charles will be the 70th successor to the throne – dpa


Pondon (dpa) – With a typical English garden, flower beds in the official residency of Prince Charles's successor have nothing to do with it. Organically grown vegetables in one corner of Clarence House in the heart of London, the lawn passed through several weeds and infertile points.

Charles, who celebrates his 70th birthday on Wednesday, is likely to be the first organic farmer to climb the throne of the United Kingdom. But, at the age of 92, Elizabeth II, his mother, is still the queen of endurance.

For now, Prince will wait for Charles – at a time when others are already retired. He is, in many ways, a rather unusual successor to the throne: Charles is not only devoted to green agriculture, he is also a passionate protector of the climate, a champion of human rights, an architect who has prevented many modern construction projects with his stubborn head and he likes to paint watercolors.

Art also plays a major role in various celebrations for Charles's birthday. Already in October, many actors and fans of Shakespeare gathered in the Bakingem Palace to praise the heirs of art. "Prince Charles is also heavily involved in social issues," said ARD Roial expert Rolf Seelmann-Eggebert in an interview with the German Press Agency. "He is not a good prince."

Charles, as king, is not allowed to interfere in politics. He wanted to hold the monarch later, he emphasized in the BBC documentary on his 70th birthday. He was fully aware that he would not be able to act like him now: "I'm not that stupid," Charles Charles told the BBC. After all, there are two completely different roles.

The BBC documentary also shows how the heir to the throne speaks to the turks. Many Britons consider Charles a bit nuisance: you will find yourself in the African Kalahari Desert and in the desert of the distant British islands with a lot of sheep around them – what is the heir to the throne? On one occasion, when he appeared with the association at the opening of the museum, he said: "If you talked so long with the trees, you will soon inevitably face a war of berry or rough oak." Sometimes Prince Philip found his elders strange, as biographies show.

A little blame for popularity reached Charles, because the spicy details of his relationship with his long-time lover Camille came to the public. A secretly recorded telephone call, in which the heir of the throne expressed the desire to be a Camillas tampon, drove a flutter to intertwine for many Britons: That can not become a king! "It was his dependence that she could not get out of; an obsession she did not want to get rid of," said his former servant Stephen Barry.

He was particularly angry with the British, like Charles Diana went, the queen of the heart. Soon after the engagement, a couple of answers, when asked if he was in love, made for frustrations: she leaned "yes, of course!", He said, "Whatever is in love."

When Princess Diana died in 1997 in an accident with love in Paris, a year after the divorce of Charles, mourning and anger are mixed with people. Camilla laughed like a Rottweiler. Even today? She got a lot of confessions and she seems to be doing fine for Charles. It looks like a balance than before, it smiles more. "He came to rest," said Seelmann-Eggebert. However, the successor to the throne – unlike his sons William and Harry – is somehow inappropriate. "He has not changed."

Many Britons now give recognition to Prince Charles. With his participation in organic agriculture – once he laughed – for example, he was a pioneer. Money brings its own initiatives. And because of its commitment to the preservation of nature, it is also called the endangered wooden frog in Ecuador: Hiloscirtus princecharlesi. Charles is considered a very working King, who takes many meetings from his older mother. Already visited almost 100 countries; He was recently with Camilla in West Africa.

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