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PUBG ends the campaign "FIKS PUBG", sets the 2019 on quality


The big campaign "Fik PUBG" is over. Developers BattleUnknowledge PlaierUnknovn explain what to expect in the coming months. However, this is not primarily about new content. First you have to take care of it.

In August, PUBG launched a major fight against bugs and other issues under the theme "Fix PUBG". Now, in mid-November, this campaign ended.

Programmers explain: Over 100 bugs were repaired, quality versions implemented, FPS improved. In addition, servers are more stable and more than 2 million accounts are removed by anti-variant measures.

In an open letter, PUBG said that in the past they were too focused on quickly transmitting updates to the game. Important issues are overlooked. This should not be repeated in 2019.

Quality and stability in the foreground

For 2019, the PUBG team gives priority to stability and quality in the BattleUnknual player. New game features and content should only come when the core is.

It first costs resources: Steam Post states: "Initially, this will probably slow down our build-up pace, but since these processes have become more sophisticated, we hope that we will quickly deliver new content and maintain new goals of stability and quality."

"We can not yet say how long it will take, but we promise that we will make every effort to move to this stage as soon as possible."


What is planned for 2019 in PUBG?

Post on Steam also looks at the upcoming changes to the Battle Roiale hit.

Improved matching

The new interface will improve matching in PUBG. It should be better to see what is the average wait time for the match. In addition, the current ping player should be displayed.

PUBG says: "With enhanced personalized taste-based pairing, players can play in the environment and the folder / mode they want. Even if it leads to longer waiting times."

PUBG Miramar title relaunch

Players should decide for themselves: The changes relate to providing important information to players. Then we should recognize the situation and decide whether they like a shorter wait time or optimal server performance.

Problems that still exist

Players often report problems with character or descent. This is also reflected in the comments in the Steam post. How to complain to players, to feel strong ping fluctuations and Desinc in their swords. They want these problems to finally come to an end.

Soon PS4 players will finally be able to play PUBG

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