Sunday , September 26 2021

Researchers could use alpaca nanoscopes to produce drugs against the crown

Alpaca nanocodies could be used as an anti-crown drug. The researchers found that these counteracted the spread of the cells.

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  • A German research team found an alternative to conventional antibodies.
  • Nanocodies block the coronavirus and prevent it from entering the host cell.
  • This means that the virus cannot infect any other cell.

In addition to conventional antibodies, a research team at the Max Planck Institute (MPI) may have found a suitable alternative: nanocodies. They are smaller and have a simpler structure than regular antibodies.

As the researchers explain in a study published in The Embo Journal, alpacas play an important part. Three of them were injected with part of the coronavirus ear protein. Alpacas began to produce antibodies. Blood was extracted from the furry animals to access the nanocodies.

Researchers leaked the best crown crown nanocapses from alpacas and now want to improve them even further. The nanocodies of the camel species dock extremely strongly in the area where the virus enters the host cell. Therefore, they can be used to prevent the coronavirus from infecting more cells.

According to the researchers, nanocapses should be effective against all currently known crown variants. In the next phase of the study, crown nanoc bodies should be tested in clinical trials. They should be used as a medicine as quickly as possible. One of the researchers explains this to the “Frankfurter Rundschau”.

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