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Self-Determination Initiative: The SVP advertises a lot more ads than opponents

Self-Determination Initiative: The SVP advertises a lot more ads than opponents

The ad campaign for self-determination initiative clearly empowers other campaigns.

Nine days before the survey shows that supporters of self-determination about the SVP invest significantly more money in ads than opponents of desire. This is illustrated by an analysis published yesterday by Annee Politikue Suisse at the University of Bern.

With these posters the SVP wants to get votes. Image: KEISTONE

This stands "in the crucial contrast to the Mass Immigration Initiative campaign 2014," the authors of the study wrote. Comparison with the previous campaign shows that opponents of the self-determination initiative are about 2.7 times less advertisements than in 2014, advocates of the initiative, but more than doubled the number of commercials that went back in the past.

It is interesting that the campaigns of mass immigration initiatives and self-determination initiatives are very similar, Berne political science writes. "The opposition is active before, and then investments are made in the purchase of newspaper space, to reinvest in the end."

The best arguments of the SBI deputies and opponents:

The Self-Determination Initiative has so far advertised more than 2.9 times as an average form (269 ads) since 2013 with 784 ads. Only five templates had previously received multiple ads at the same time, researchers say.

In advertising columns, the self-determination initiative dominates clearly. For or against the initiatives for cow horns, but also for or against the socialist referendum, virtually no ads are changed. Online advertisements and posters were not taken into account. (all) (

Renato Kaiser: Human Rights!

Video: vatson / Renato Kaiser

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