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Sign up with Azure with multi-factor authentication


November 19, 2018 –
Microsoft's azure service users in Europe, Asia and the United States who signed up using multiple-factor authentication were unable to access their accounts on Monday night. Microsoft is working on troubleshooting.

On Monday night, Azure and users in Europe, Asia and the Americas reported reporting problems. This has affected users who use secure multi-factor authentication. As the Azure status page was registered, users could not access their user accounts. The engineers then promised an immediate update, which showed initial improvements after the introduction.

Just before 22 hours in Central European time, Redmond could then be clear. According to the status page, systems were repeated smoothly again and users could log in to Azure as well as usually with multi-factor authentication. What exactly caused the error, said Microsoft, but it was obviously a problem in connection between Azure Identity Multi-Factor Authentication Service and services at the back end of Azure.

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