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SRF's "club" made slippery confessions

The Muni round: Caimi, Theunert (hidden), Frey, Lüthi, Schudel, Hollstein and Bortoluzzi (left) Image: srf of the screenshot

The slippery confessions of René Schudel in the male SRF club

There were no women except the presenter. But obviously it needs men to come from the bush. What they did With amazing ideas. The boss at all.

This way there was no more. Directed James Bond – recorded at the beginning of the show as the greatest of all male ideals (why?) – to the elder's question in the round. Moderator Barbara Lüthi wanted to know about Walter Hollstein's male researcher (80), which can now be considered a true model. For example, for unstable male youth? And what does Hollstein say?

That's all right. For sure. Every 17 years old I would say it to the street.

Here we see actor Cary Grant in a classic male armor. Image: AP

SRF had invited six men to discuss masculinity in the crisis. For example: René Schudel (TV chef, 42), Markus Theunert (male counselor, 46 years old), Marco Caimi (male doctor, 56), Patrick Frey (actor, cabaret artist, editor, 68), Toni Bortoluzzi (old-national SVP, 71) and only Hollstein. Provides an exact age average of 60.5 years. Be careful See posters of the youth (anti) gender movement! Most surprising, however, he gave.

René Schudel, for example, in terms of the entire Gölä round, explained a nice weekend between firefighters, where everyone felt very well and they had said everything and showed:

René Schudel describes the most beautiful day of his life or something. Image: srf of the screenshot

Cool! I also listened while listening. Where: there is too much information! I mean, Mr. Schudel is mostly a television chef! And now, always, this idea … And why should you "shower in shower"? Probably, this is just a matter of the nature of the man. He, so we learn from the fanatic biologist Bortoluzzi, now how it is.

But what would happen if the stupid Wibli simply succumbed to "overflowing feminism" (Bortoluzzi)? Also, Caimi, in practice according to the "quit smoking" website, finds really stupid feminism, because in the end it would lead to a "Einheistbrei vo Mensch", in which not only husband and wife, but also " states of the nation ", an" incredible "Approach».

Let Caimi men (on the left) and Theunert come from different worlds, it's kar. Image: srf of the screenshot

Hollstein talks about the construction workers who had lost "large pipes" in the morning and how stupid they would have found if they had said they should be more beautiful for themselves and prefer to drink tea than pipes. And anyway, after all, everything is spoken in this "club", especially for Patrick Frey, Kram von and for "minorities."

When Theunert, Caimi and Hollstein are about to grab the back of the trousers and enter the sawdust or shower (Lüthi: "This happens in a show with six men"), Frey repeats a great joy:

Basler Hollstein probably does not like Basler Theunert because he used to do something similar to this one, for example, crawling in a store sensibly with troubled men and talking about their vulnerability. The bottom line can definitely do it better. He speaks intensely about the "Schmarz", about the "Ängscht" on the "bladder pus", which now, after a billion years of patriarchy and "worse violence," has finally exploded.

Patrick Frey has been released. "Thanks to God," says Schudel. Image: srf of the screenshot

Patrick Frey also vividly evokes his terrible youth among the "elderly men" who have "extremely brilliant". The shady pictures of the hunters in Loden and the old castles with crossed swords are popping up on the fireplace, so it is penetrating "I am from others."

As expected, Frey and Theunert receive the controversial new Gillette site. Bortoluzzi finds it "ridiculous", Basler Caimi has changed to Wilkinson for a great disappointment, and the Schudel tug just wants to know where shaving leaves are sold.

In general, there are a lot of moans about the injustice of demagnetized magnets, but at least, we learned, Bortoluzzi could talk to his doctor (who has it) about erectile dysfunction (if there were any). Finally, Lüthi vedankenswert says that it is about continuous wage inequality, etc., just too soon for the "victim's role in the white man."

So there were two parts that were not between each other. Only Bond, the fun old-fashioned relic, in some way found them very well. Those who once had to endure the future, were neither in theory nor in practice. They were not in the studio. No young politician, no activist, no actor or musician. But probably Bond seems rarely. And certainly not SRF. They are watching Netflix. Where they really help. With thousand new models.

The whole show to watch:

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Video: srf / SDA SRF

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