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Switzerland wins sensational world number 1 – News Sport: Football


On Wednesday, the Swiss made even more confusion when they embroiled against Qatar. The question arises: when were they exposed to the last time?

And now this, this week, this exploits against Belgium, and suddenly the question arises: when did the Swiss have shown so much morality so many passions last time? When did you last win the opponent of this caliber?

It's wonderful to finish the long year, the seventh victory in the 14th game. And what a victory it is. Draw 5-2 against Belgium is a lot of prestige because Belgium is 1st in the world, providing a win in the League of Nations and qualifying for the final tournament next summer. "A moment of enjoyment," says Haris Seferovic.

The Swiss have won, they have won after so many in vain against bigger opponents. It resembles a 2-0 win against Portugal, which came to Basel in September 2016 as a European champion. And maybe it's worth even more, because it happened in such a convincing way and the end is a disturbing year.

Fake start

Evening starts very bad. The game is 66 seconds when Elvedi makes a major mistake. Thorgan Hazard reacts quickly and the ball hits the ball during the flight. The Swiss are confused, looking for a way to the game and not finding it. When Shakiri offers an opportunity for detailed Seferović, he remains attached to the Company.

The guest controls the game, Mertens forgives the other goal, and will soon fall. Zuber loses the ball, they bounce back from the defenseless defender and lose the match still in the opposite half of the field, Belgium has all the counterattack. Thorgan Hazard successfully completed it, no Swiss considered it necessary to attack him.

0: 2 is not what the Swiss have conceived, and not the answer to Qatar, and not a sign that they are ready for this task. Belgium has everything under control, so that it suddenly becomes shit and makes the opponent progress. Mbabu bet in the Belgian penal zone, hits the air, falls, and the judge falls on the deposit: he gives the Swiss a penalty. Rodriguez turns him into his usual cold blood.

The gift is a starting point for a great reach, the Swiss recognize their chance and include. Suddenly they believe in themselves, fearlessly rejecting doubt and storm. Rodriguez pulls the cross in his last position, Shakiri puts the ball over the goal, then comes out of the dive: Haris Seferović, until then practically without a ball, uses the perfect preparation for 2: 2. The spectators stand.

Seferovic meets 2: 2 (Video: SRF)

And there is Seferovic

On the other hand, Vladimir Petkovic has a confirmation that it has been properly established. The team plays well with the fourth, Jaka turns to the boss, Shakiri has so much influence that it is difficult to stop. Mbabu storms, Edimilson is getting better, Rodriguez plays, but for a long time no more, Freuler finally pays the confidence he got from Petkovic despite many bad performances over and over again. And there is Haris Seferovic, he is an attacker who works so much and is primarily measured by his forgetting too much chance. This season, he secured a regular place in Benfica, he feels comfortable in Portugal, so he did not change again despite the difficult first year, the club.

For Seferovic, this is just the beginning of a spectacular dinner, his most spectacular since he attacked Switzerland. The 44th minute leads when the Swiss defense corner and starts a counterattack, as if the team were full of sprinter. The action is crowned by Seferovic, finishes them after interaction with Edimilson Fernandes.

Seferovic meets 3: 2 (Video: SRF)

"I'm fine, I'm fine," he says later. At this moment she is calm and controlled, as if this other half did not happen, and not this scene in the 84th minute. Seferović heads the ball into the corner. It's a draw of 5-2 and the end of the performance is also remarkable because Switzerland is never in danger of losing control of the opponents and the match in the second half. This was also helped by Elveda who scored the fourth goal on the side of Shakiri.

Seferovic meets 5: 2 (Video: SRF)

A few seconds before the end, Petkovic gives his trophy to Seferovic the exchange of applause. A year ago against Northern Ireland Seferovic was adopted in Basel still with a whistle.

Switzerland – Belgium 5: 2 (3: 2)
Lucerka. – 15,000 spectators (sold). – SR Orsato (ITA)
goals: 2. Thorgan Hazard 0: 1. 17. Thorgan Hazard 0: 2. 26 Rodriguez (foul on Mbab) 1: 2. 31. Seferovic (Shakiri) 2: 2. 44. Seferovic (Edimilson Fernandes) 3: 2 62. Elvedi (Shakiri) 4: 2. 84. Seferović (Mbabu) 5: 2.
Switzerland: summer; Mbabu, Elvedi, Klose, Rodriguez; Jaka, Freuler (79th Zakaria); Edimilson Fernandes, Shakiri, Zuber (87th Benito); Seferovic (92th Ajeti).
Belgium: courtois; Alderveireld, Company, Boiata; Meunier (90th Origi), Tielemans, Vitsel, Chadli (65th Batshuai); Thorgan Hazard, Mertens, Eden Hazard.
Notes: Switzerland without Lichtsteiner, Akanji, Embolo, Djourou, Mehmedi and Burki (all injured), Belgium without De Bruine, Lukaku, Vermaelen, Vertonghen, Benteke, Dembele (all injured) and Carrasco (absent). 86. Eden Hazard staff.
warnings: 38. Jack (foul). 79. Mbabu (foul). 87. Seferovic (foul).

Ranking: 1. Switzerland 4/9 (14: 5). 2. Belgium 4/9 (9: 6). 3. Iceland 4/0 (1:13). – Switzerland in the final quarter, Iceland is falling. (Editors Tamedia)

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