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The Arc of Alchemist will be released in the summer of 2019 in the west


Arc of Alchemist According to Idea Factori International in the summer of 2019 in Europe and North America for PlaiStation 4 appear. RPG will physically go into sales and appear in digital form. In addition to English screen titles, the title offers English and Japanese voice output.


Almost 100 years have passed since the founding of the small kingdom of Stolaschester. Kuynn Bravesford leads soldiers in the battle against hostile nations to preserve the fate of the kingdom. She was one of the rare elites, in the early years already an excellent commander, a tactile tactic was applied. As the kingdom announces the deployment of a large investigative team, Kuinn was chosen to lead this mission. The goal is the desert of the beginnings.

Today is the day when a group starts its mission. In a few hours, Kuinn will leave with her friends. Kuinn looks at her alchemy device called "Lunagear". Old legends say that this device can be equipped with four orbits that serve as a key to the acquisition of high power. So far, there is only one tower in their possession. However, this reference is only a legend and not all people believe in these words.

Despite the threats posed by monsters and "dolls for machines", there is one hostile nation in the desert serving the Principality of Nahuel. The insensitive recently sent an army that now seeks power. Queen not only wants to bring her comrades into life from this mission, but also to fight for the hope of people who still believe in redemption power. It's her duty as a soldier. While she speaks these words before starting her journey, she alone is not convinced of this pleasant existence.

Fighting in the desert

If you encounter an opponent in a certain area, you will be promptly brought into the action mode of the game. You control Kuinn and use various actions to fight the enemy. Since Kuinn can use two different combat actions with his weapon, you can choose a fighting style.

There are three members in the group, and other fighters automatically control and adjust to the situation. In the menu it is possible to give directions to other units that give you strategic impact. You can also choose a formation that supports the combat style of the unit.


A special device has been developed by ancient technology. Only Kuinn is able to use Lunagear. By placing an Orbs in the device, it can control elements that include fire, water, wind and earth. If you equip the "Lunagear" with firearms, the enemies will have fire damage. Orbis using the Earth element provide enhanced group defense. Two orbits can be inserted at the same time. This allows combining elements and making stronger attacks.

Research aids in the mechanical desert

Kuinn controls the use of a "Lunagear" device, whose functions should explore the desert. When the machine blocks the road, it uses the device to manipulate the four attributes of fire, water, wind and earth to clear the obstacle. If Kuinn uses Fire Orb, she will be able to burn things or bright lights. In addition to the monsters, the trap pitches are waiting to damage Kuinn and her allies. Therefore, carefully explore new areas. However, if you use the environment skillfully, it is even possible to reduce the defense of powerful enemies. Illuminated light-emitting enemies release quantum luminaries nearby.

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