Wednesday , October 5 2022

The Art Exhibition in Strasbourg is Urban Art and Picasso


Strasbourg –

– Bright sculptures and expressive images: The European Art Fair in Strasbourg on Friday started the 23rd edition with more than 70 galleries. By November 18, contemporary art will be presented.

This year's trend is increasingly in the direction of urban art and neo-expressionist works. A minority of exhibitors come from other European countries, including Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland.

Bel Air Fine Art Gallery from Geneva is visible this year. In addition to the sculpture of the great foot of the Israeli-French artist Idan Zareski, she presents a hyper-picture of the work of Jean Francois Raúzius. Sculptures and large format pictures continue in the niche of the "Lumieres d 'Alsace" gallery, dedicated to the solo exhibition of the artist David David.

The guest of honor this year is Museu Picasso in Barcelona, ​​which shows young Pablo Picasso at several closed exhibition spaces, including his father's papers and his sister Lola.

One of the goals of ST-ART is the promotion of young artists and galleries. A major challenge in the context of today's art market, as small and medium-sized exhibitors, are increasingly struggling to survive, and leading companies are becoming more and more important.

"The great take over artists who discovered small ones," said curator Henri-Francois Debailleuk. An art critic criticized this year's "Carte Blanche", an exhibition project in which the curators have a completely free hand. Debailleuk chose to present four up-and-coming Parisian dealers, including Galerie Anne-Sarah Benichou, founded in 2016. (AP)

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