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The best Swiss CEOs are Schaffer Silent – SonntagsZeitung


There are managers whose names are also known outside the business world: Nick Hayek, Sergio Ermotti and Severin Schwan speak it, Swiss people know that most of the clocks, the financial sector or the pharmaceutical industry. However, it seems that the presence and notoriety of the media above average does not mean that employers at work exceed, at least, according to a new study by the company of financial analysis Obermatt.

Each year Obermatt publishes a ranking of the best leaders of the company in Switzerland. Analysts analyze large companies with a turnover of more than $ 2,000 million, medium-sized businesses with a turnover of 0.1 to 2 billion and financial companies. And he emphasizes: the leaders, who are led by Obermatt at the top positions of the "Gold" category to achieve outstanding achievements, are not usually those that are permanently present in the media and the public. The head of Logitech, Bracken Darrell, leads the list of the main companies. Among medium-sized companies, Khaled Bichara of Orascom Development surpassed the rest, and financial companies are Blaise Goetschin, head of Banque Cantonale in Genève. After great names and acquaintances, look for the first places in vain.

The objective was an assessment from the perspective of investors

One of the reasons for this is probably the method of analysis of Obertax. The ranking is purely based on payments. Analysts have 218 Swiss company This is compared to 5,246 global parent companies in three measures: operating income (change in the Ebitda operating profit as a percentage of sales), yield of equity (development of prices including dividends and capital amortizations in relation with the price of the initial action) and the yield of the growth (change of sales with respect to the sales of the action) last year). For Hermann Stern, head of the analysis company, this guarantees a fairer performance evaluation. The method is more transparent, since no confidential data is used, more objectively, because judgments are not made.

As of that moment, a value is created that reflects the performance of the heads with respect to similar companies on a global scale. The head of Logitech, Bracken Darrel, reaches 73 points. This means that it performs better than 73% of competitors and 27 percent worse. Above all, he convinced in the category "return on investment", so that he obtained the highest return on capital compared to the competition. In terms of growth and profit, Darrell also finished in the top ten. However, Roland Fischer from OC Oerlikon and Antoine de Saint-Affrique by Barry Callebaut finish in first places.

Although it is lacking in the ranking to evaluate other qualities, such as personnel management or external communication. But Hermann Stern, CEO of Oberta, also sees it as an advantage, at least in terms of the performance of the company's employers from the point of view of investors. "Most jury-based rankings describe what you read in the newspaper," he says. «We measure what is available in financial data. It also means that sometimes we know more quickly what a company deals with in public opinion. "

Tidjane Thiam stands out for operating performance

What it means is that even if a company generates better numbers, it takes time to reach the public, unless it is aggressively communicated. Often, Stern informs, his company has acknowledged that a company has left the crisis before it reaches the general public. As an example, the Sky media company in Germany mentions. In 2013, his boss had achieved a good score. The profit and the price of the shares grew above the average, albeit at a low level. "The public did not realize this, because people often think in absolute terms and overlook the relative changes," says Stern.

Swiss companies also have examples that meet these criteria this year. Orascom Development, for example, has been fighting for a long time, but now it seems that it has left the fund, in line with the values ​​of the Obermatt ranking.

A more prominent example is the head of Credit Suisse, Tidjane Thiam. Although it does not end up in the top 10 of finances, you get the best result in the performance category. According to Obermatt, he has directed his company with the utmost efficacy: an indication that his strategy of leading the big bank out of the crisis has been fruitful.

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